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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use a sealant, what kind should I use, where do I get it, and how do I apply it?
A: Sealant is not required, but we recommend using a regular concrete sealant to protect the stone and make the color look more vibrant. You can buy high or low gloss sealant. The high gloss makes the stone look wet.  You can buy sealant at most building supply stores. It can be sprayed on or applied using a paint brush. Look for a sealant with a Silane or Siloxane base.

Q: What do I use to clean Kodiak Mountain Stone?
A: We don’t recommend any particular type of commercially available cleaner. A vinegar and water solution and a soft to medium bristle brush will work well.

Q: How do I know how much stone I need?
A: Please visit the Downloads page to see our installation guide for detailed instructions. In short, measure the surface area minus openings for the number of square feet and the length of any corners for linear feet. Remove 1/2 square foot for every linear foot of corners. We recommend adding 10% extra for fitting and cutting.

Q: Will the color in the stone fade?
A:  Stone can fade minimally over many years.  An advantage of our stone over many others is that we dye the stone all the way through and not just on the face, which helps reduce fading.

Q:  How do I get mortar/grout off the face of the stone?
A: If mortar drips onto another stone, wait until the mortar is dry, then brush it off with a dry whisk broom. If mortar gets on the face of the stone and you try to remove it immediately, there is a chance you will stain the stone. Wet mortar can absorb into the stone while you are trying to remove it, which will affect the coloring of the stone.  It is best if you can leave it anywhere from 10-30 minutes (depending on humidity and temperature) so that it starts to set up.  At this point you should easily be able to “flick” it off.  If anything remains after removing it, you can use a soft bristle brush.  However, do no leave it on the stone to dry over anextended period of time.  Eventually the mortar can bond with the stone which will make removal very difficult or impossible. 

Q:  How do I install over sheetrock or drywall?
A: Manufactured stone should not be simply installed directly over sheetrock/drywall due to the fact the only adhering strength the stone would have would be the thin paper membrane on the outside of the sheetrock….very unstable.  The correct way of installing manufactured stone over sheetrock would be to first apply an approved moisture barrier followed by an approved 2.5 lb diamond mesh expanded wire lath nailed into the studs of the wall.  Extra staples are sometimes beneficial, as it allows the mesh to adhere closer to the wall, avoiding “bubbles” in the mesh.

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