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Touch Up Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Question from distributor/customer:

Good morning ,

I just had a gentleman come in and he has a few pieces of Ready Stack that were chipped by the contractor when he installed it. We were just wondering if there is any Touch up Kits or a Paint that we can provide him with so he can make the stones match up.


Our Response:

In our manufacturing process of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer, we actually dye the product throughout rather than just applying color to the face of the stone.  The advantage of this is that if a stone is accidentally chipped, the interior color of the stone will blend in with the exterior colors.  However, if any of the aggregate is exposed you may wish to have that area covered.  Our suggestion with this is to use a small amount of colored mortar on the chipped area.  You can contact Kodiak Mountain Stone at 1-877-563-4252 to inquire about purchasing the appropriate dye to add to the mortar to match the color of your manufactured stone.


The above technique may be used when cutting stone on the cut edge.  But we encourage installers to bury the cut edge in the transitions and/or hide them with mortar when grouting.


We always suggest to contact us directly with any issues before attempting your repair




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