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Natural Stone from Kodiak Mountain Stone

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In addition to the various manufactured stone veneer products that we sell at Kodiak Mountain Stone, we have a huge variety of natural stone products to choose from as well.


Our natural stone comes from a variety of quarries in both Canada and the United States. This gives us the opportunity to offer a huge variety of different colors and profiles to meet every customers needs and tastes.  Natural stone is an elegant finish for both interior and exterior application on both residential and commercial projects.



Visit our natural stone photo gallery HERE for some amazing project photos!



Here are some of the common questions that we are asked about natural stone:


  • Is natural stone durable?

Our natural stone veneer is real stone from nature. It is from the earth. Further exposure to natural elements will not harm it. It is possible to see some slight variations over time, but for the most part it should not fade or wear.


  • Will all of the colors be consistent through all of the stone?

Natural stone has beautiful vibrancy, life and characteristics.  Every stone is unique and no two stones will be exactly alike. Variations in color can and should be expected with natural stone and it is recommended to obtain a sample of the product before placing an order.


  • How do I clean natural stone?

Natural stone can be cleaned with mild, non-acidic cleaners. Do not sue brass or metal brushes or scrapers. Soft bristle brushes are acceptable. Some natural stone can be washed with a pressure washer, but caution should be used since some natural stone has certain characteristics (such as natural moss) that could be damaged by a pressure washer.


  • How do I install natural stone?

Installing natural stone is best completed by a professional however installation can be accomplished as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.  For instructions on proper techniques, recommended tools and materials for your project ask one of our professionals at Kodiak Mountain Stone.



Many of the natural stone colors and profiles we offer come from independent quarries. However, we also offer beautiful natural stone from these well knows companies:


* Eldorado Natural Stone is only available at our Lethbridge AB location in select profiles.





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