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Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Veneer Quick Points

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Information about Kodiak Mountain Stone by Wes Dewsbery, Calgary AB Sales Manager




Kodiak Mountain Stone Quick Points


  • Founded in 2005 in Cardston Alberta
  • Headquarters in Cardston AB
  • Dealer network of 20+ Dealers in Canada and USA
  • Factory is in Springville Utah
  • Warehouses in Calgary and Lethbridge
  • Kodiak Mountain Stone sells Manufactured Stone, Natural Stone, Stucco, and Brick



  • Manufactured thin veneer (poured concrete product)
  • For vertical surfaces
  • Good for Interior/ Exterior Applications,­ Fireplaces; feature walls, Outside cladding
  • Flame retardant for fireplaces
  • Both Corner and Flats are available­­. Flats are in square feet (area) and corners in linear feet (top to bottom)
  • Packaging is in big box and EZ packs (small boxes) for flats and corners
  • Packaging Quantities
    • Big box­ Flats­ Always 120 sq ft
    • Big box corners­ 90 or 100 ln ft ­­depends on profile*
    • EZ Pack­ Flats­ 10 or 12 sq ft ­ depends on profile*
    • EZ Pack Corners­ always 8 ln ft
  • There are 8 main retail profiles for our Kodiak Mountain Stone brand of manufactured stone veneer.
  • Most colours cross over into all profiles
  • Accessories are available in main colours Charcoal, Almond Buff and Walnut (others available)
  • Stone is not panel system; pieces are independent and sometimes require mortar between joints; except Ready Stack and Frontier Ledge which are dry stacked (4” inch high pieces with random lengths)
  • Stone is applied with mortar/mesh combination as per ICC (international code council) guidelines
  • A sealer may be used on manufactured stone for added protection and/or to enhance colors and definition
  • 50 year warranty on Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer. 


Learn more about installing Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer HERE


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