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How to Plan Your Next Project

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If you have not tried the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer, you need to!


This is a tool that will help you to visualize your project as you make your plans. The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer  lets you upload photos of your project and see what it will look like with stone in different places. All of our profiles and colors are not available on the Visualizer, but there are enough to help you to figure out what you want your final project to look like. You can even go beyond the stone and add different siding, stucco, windows, doors and so much more.


This is a great tool for new home construction or a renovation project. It works well for both interior and exterior designs.

Have fun, get creative and let us help you to see your dream come to life!









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Check out our video tutorial to learn how to use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer.



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