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Endura Wall System

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Endura – Standing the Test of…Everything!

No matter what type of application you’re looking for: commercial, residential or industrial/agricultural, the Endura Wall System is a solid choice. The Endura Wall System is an environmentally friendly, durable, mold proof, rot proof, rodent proof, cost competitive, sound deadening, fire resistant alternative to traditional building materials. The Endura Wall System is suitable for many different construction projects, including: single family residential, multi-family residential, institutional, commercial, office, and industrial buildings.



The block is the primary structural element; however, it also has dramatic thermodynamic properties in its design which features off-set webbed cross-members and a middle linear wall. The offset webs constrict heat flow across the block. Te middle wall also increases compressive strength.



Two layers of EPS molded insulation, are installed as the block is set with one set interlocking the block. These not only effectively insulate the wall, but also help produce the impressive STC 61 sound rating of the system.




Surface bonding is applied to both sides of the block. It unifies the block into a solid wall panel as well as creating a water-proof and airtight surface. As such, it is also impervious to termites, insects, rodents, and other pests. The fact that it has the same expansion-contraction coefficient as the block also reduces the possibility of cracking. It becomes a part of the block.










Advantages of the Endura Wall System

  1. Cost competitive
  2. Up to 70% energy savings
  3. Dramatic thermal dynamic performance
  4. Waterproof & airtight
  5. Highest quality construction
  6. 4 hour fire rating
  7. Engineered for seismic conditions
  8. Dry stacked
  9. Sound deadened – rating STC – 61
  10. Load bearing structural integrity
  11. Abuse resistant
  12. Low life-cycle costs
  13. Mold proof
  14. Eco friendly – super green
  15. Quick installation
  16. Easy installation with semi-skilled labor
  17. Aesthetically beautiful – no block lines show (with colour-coat)
  18. Lower insurance costs
  19. Can be used for residential, commercial, institutional, and governmental construction
  20. Hurricane and tornado rated (160 mph)
  21. Compatible with other systems
  22. Rodent, vermin, and termite proof
  23. Rot proof
  24. Architecturally adaptable
  25. Condensation resistant
  26. Electrical and water supply lines are accommodated inside the walls
  27. Culturally acceptable everywhere
  28. Uses existing infrastructures
  29. Uses “native” materials
  30. Longest life expectancy
  31. Ballistic tested and certified
  32. Zero water penetration rating
  33. Exceeds most recent ICC code



How Does Endura Stack Up To Other Building Options?

We’re often asked how the Endura Wall System compares to other building materials. As you can see from the table below, Endura stacks up quite nicely. If you are looking for a product that is waterproof, extremely durable, rodent proof, termite proof, sound deadening, has high R-value and is fire resistant, then the Endura Wall System will be a perfect fit for you.


Is This An ICF (Foam Block System)?

NO! Endura is a concrete block (CMU—concrete masonry unit) with two layers of foam insulation inside the wall. With the concrete mass on the inside and outside of the wall, finish costs are lower, durability is much higher, and thermal performance is more constant.

If There Is No Mortar Used, How Does The Wall Stand Up?

Any CMU wall depends on the compressive strength of the block or brick and the reinforcement grid of rebar and grout for structural performance. Mortar is a levelling and space-filling medium.

How Can I Hang Pictures On The Wall?

Pictures (or other wall hangings—such as cabinets) can be easily attached with masonry hangers (screws) or, in the case or pictures, adhesive hangers work extremely well and do not damage the wall. Plus, there is no need to locate and be dependent on studs. Items such as molding use liquid nail.

Isn’t Endura A Lot More Expensive?

NO! Endura can compete on initial costs with any structural and effectively insulated when compared to an installed wall that:

  1. Is framed—or otherwise constructed
  2. Has outside sheeting
  3. Vapour barriers inside and out
  4. Is insulated
  5. Has electrical installed—or at least conduit
  6. Is sheet rocked, taped, and mudded on the inside
  7. Has a brown coat on the exterior

How Does Endura Perform In And Earthquake?

Endura is a structurally engineered system that conforms to the highest seismic standards.

Where Are The Components Manufactured?

The block is manufactured using Endura molds, at more than 30 locations in the United States. Endura produces the surface bonding and currently has the insulation custom run. Internationally, Endura works with a license holder in creating a production center.

Does A House Look Like A Commercial Building?

Homes built with Endura look the same as any home that you desire both on the inside and out. The same applies to any other building application.

Are There People Who Can Install It Properly?

Endura is extremely labor friendly. If a project is being built in a new area, EMSI will either make available a trainer or an installation crew with guaranteed price, schedule, and quality.

Is This A New Product?

The product maybe new to a customer or an area but it has a 29 year history of use.

Why Haven’t I Heard Of It?

As with many different building methodologies, you may not have heard of it, general advertising has never been an element of marketing it.
For more details on Endura Wall Systems visit one of our stores in Lethbridge or Calgary AB or call 1-877-563-4252
You can also visit the Endura Wall System website HERE

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