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Jeff Heggie – FCA Steer Wresting Champion 2018

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Jeff Heggie 2018 FCA Steer Wrestling ChampionFor a number of years Kodiak Mountain Stone has been proud to be a rodeo sponsor for Jeff Heggie as he’s competed for the Foothills Cowboy Association and Chinook Rodeo Association steer wrestling championships. It has been great to be a part of Jeff’s team over the years and to see his success, but we are especially proud and excited about 2018 for him! This year he’s competing in the Foothills Cowboy Association, the Chinook Rodeo Association and the Canadian Cowboys Association.

Jeff had a great steer wrestling season in all three associations. He finished as the Season-Leader in the Foothills Cowboy Association (FCA) and the Chinook Rodeo Association (CRA). In the Canadian Cowboys Association (CCA) he finished the season in the number two spot!


The FCA finals were held last weekend in Red Deer AB, October 12-14. Jeff started off great winning the first two rounds. He had some tough competition through the final two rounds but after a run-off he walked away with the championship!



Jeff Heggie Steer WrestlingThe CCA Finals will be held in Regina SK this coming weekend, October 17-20, while the CRA finals will be held in Brooks AB from October 26-28.


Jeff has also had a great year in the calf roping in all three associations and will be competing in all three finals for it as well. At the FCA finals he finished third in the calf roping.

Good luck Jeff! Hope to see two more steer wrestling championships come your way as well as a couple calf roping championships!







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Looking For Someone to Join Our Great Team at Kodiak Mountain Stone – Lethbridge

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is looking for another exceptional person to join our team at our store in Lethbridge AB.

Antique Pearl 88

Kodiak Mountain Stone has been supplying stone and other masonry products to the construction industry in Southern Alberta since 2005. We are proud to have our products on thousands of beautiful projects throughout the province, across North America and as far away as Guam and Hawaii. We supply exceptional lines of manufactured stone, natural stone, brick and acrylic stucco products.


The right applicant will:

  • Have exceptional customer service and communication skills
  • Be proficient with computers
  • Be self-motivated and will be able to work independently.
  • Have the ability, or be willing to learn, to drive a forklift.
  • Be able to lift and move heavy objects.
  • Experience in the construction industry would be considered an asset, but is not required.

Regular duties would include:

  • Organizing inventory
  • Staging and preparing orders for customers
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Miscellaneous warehouse duties
  • Order entry, inventory management and other computer related tasks
  • Maintain an attractive store appearance
  • Assist customers in-store, online and on the phone

This position has some flexibility for the right applicant. Typically it would be a full-time position during the warm weather months and would include working part days on Saturday’s during that time period. During the cold-weather months it would be a part time position. With this schedule it is ideal for a college or university student.


Please send your resume to Jeff at



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Local Home Builders Contribute More Than $800,000 to Lethbridge College Through Unique Project

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Kodiak Mountain Stone has been proud to be part of the College Home project and the success it has had. Learn more in the Lethbridge College press release below:


Local home builders contribute more than $800,000 to Lethbridge College through unique project

June 7, 2018 – An innovative campaign that brought together local home builders, tradespeople and suppliers to support college students raised $804,343 over the past five years. The total was announced Thursday night as the completion of the College Home project, a partnership between the

Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Lethbridge Region (CHBA) and Lethbridge College, was celebrated at the college.

Launched in 2013, the program involved CHBA builders working with suppliers and tradespeople to build homes that were showcased and sold. Each builder then made a donation from the proceeds of the sale to Lethbridge College. Eight homes were built over five years and the final combined donations surpassed the initial goal of $750,000.

“This project was the first of its kind in Canada and the final goal was incredibly ambitious,” says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. “It required dozens of businesses and individuals to share a vision and believe in the college. To see the successes accumulate over five years was inspiring and we are thankful for the support of the CHBA and its members.”

Proceeds from the sale of homes supported the construction of the 168,862 square foot, $77-million

Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility, which opened in September 2017. The facility houses programs that support the local construction industry, such as Engineering Design and Drafting Technology; Interior Design Technology; Welder, Electrician, Plumber and Carpenter apprenticeships; and more.

“This project is a testament to what can happen when like-minded individuals get together and create something meaningful,” says Mike Schmidtler, CHBA Lethbridge Region President. “Our industry requires advanced training that is adaptable and relevant. We are pleased we were able to partner with Lethbridge College to help create a facility that makes that training a reality right here in Lethbridge.”

Seven different home builders led builds over the course of the project. They are

Ashcroft Master Builder (year one), Avonlea Homes (year two), Daytona Homes (year three), Empire Homes(year four), Galko Homes Master Building (year one), Signature Homes (year three) and Stranville Living(years two and five).

In addition, 147 suppliers and tradespeople contributed to the builds, including six that each contributed more than $30,000 worth of resources over the course of the project:

All Weather Windows, Challenger Building Supplies, Exteriors by Leroy and Darcy Ltd., KB Heating and Air Conditioning, Kodiak Heating and Air Conditioning/Kodiak Plumbing and Gasfitting Ltd., and Neu-Lite.

“This was one of the most innovative projects we have ever been a part of,” says Keith Broadbent, KB Plumbing and Heating President. “Many of our employees have come through Lethbridge College and we have been involved in many construction projects on campus, so it made sense for us to support this cause.”

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Lethbridge Home and Garden Show 2018

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Join Kodiak Mountain Stone at the 2018 Lethbridge Home and Garden Show!

March 21-24, 2018


March 21 – Wednesday – 1 to 8 pm

March 22 – Thursday – 1 to 8 pm

March 23 – Friday – 1 to 8 pm

March 24 – Saturday – 10 to 5 pm




  • $7.00 per person
  • Under 10 Free



  • $5.00 per vehicle




While visiting our booth, ask about our Proximity Marketing:



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Stanton & Cristina’s Service in Puerto Rico

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Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been one month since our trip to Puerto Rico, and we apologize we haven’t written sooner to thank each of you for your generosity that made the trip a success. We would like to share with you some of the miracles and experiences from the trip, as well as some pictures.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.42.20When we first started preparing to travel to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts, we planned on only taking four suitcases of medical supplies. But as time went on, more and more doors opened, eventually making it possible for us to take down 22 large boxes full of medical supplies, but also freeze-dried food, diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene kits, blankets, batteries, gloves, masks, protective eye-wear, and various other needed items. We were so grateful to have our cousins Chad and Jackie Peterson join
us. Having their support, ideas, and influence made the trip even more successful. As the time for our trip approached, we still had yet to find somewhere to stay, transportation while on the island, and a way to ensure all our supplies made it through customs (we had heard that a lot of humanitarian supplies being sent to the island either were stolen or confiscated by airport security once it arrived to the island.)

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.43.27Gratefully, the week before our departure, we connected with Millie Maldonado and the non-profit organization Wings of Hope for Puerto Rico. Millie is a Puerto Rican who returned to the island soon after the hurricane and had been working tirelessly on relief efforts ever since. She was able to provide us with an official letter approving entry of all our supplies into the island. She also had a driver and a mini-bus waiting for us at the airport when we arrived, and she graciously hosted us in her home during our three day trip.

Due to flight delays, we arrived about 10 hours later than we had hoped to, cutting our work time almost in half. It was a surreal experience flying over the once green and lush island, that now was bare and gray. As we flew over San Juan, about every other house had a blue tarp tied to the top, being used as a makeshift roof. Walking off the airplane and into the airport, the intense heat and humidity hit us like a wall, even though it was 6pm and far from the hottest time of the day. The airport lights were off, and of course so was the air conditioning, monitors, escalators, Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.44.54and conveyor belts. Our flight only had about 30 others arriving to the island, but the terminal sat completely full of Puerto

Ricans fanning themselves with paper fans hoping for some relief from the intense heat, and waiting to evacuate.

It was miraculous that all 22 of our boxes arrived without any problems. We’ve come to the conclusion that our flight delay was a blessing in disguise and prevented our supplies from being looked through

and possibly taken. People on the island couldn’t believe that nothing had been confiscated by airport security. We arrived safely to the Wings of Hope headquarters and delivered our luggage.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.01The next morning we arose early, loaded 3 cars full of medicine, food, water, diapers, wipes, formula, and hygiene kits and caravanned to the town of Guajataca. As we drove out of San Juan, it was sobering to see the hundreds of downed power lines. Huge piles of debris lined the road sides. Outside of gas stations, supermarkets, and banks were lines of hundreds of people waiting for the chance to get gas, food, and cash. Once we were close to the town, we had to wait almost an hour for a police escort to take us the last 30 mins there. The roads had just been cleared two days before, and were still very dangerous. Downed

trees and powerlines, through narrow, winding, washed out roads slowed our commute. But we were finally able to make it to the small mountain town of Guajataca. Since the roads had just been cleared, we were some of the first to arrive to offer aid to the town residents. It is difficult to put into words the extreme needs we saw. Many homes were completely destroyed. Some people had no food or water. Everything they owned was damaged or gone, and they were extremely grateful for the few things we were able to give them. Below are a few stories and pictures of families and people that we met.

This is Wilfredo. He was one of the first people we met as we drove up a winding, narrow mountain road to a small town near Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.14the reservoir Guajataca. Wilfredo had spent his morning helping a neighbor clear debris and water from their home, and was driving back to his home when he spotted us. He asked if I would be willing to check his blood pressure and glucose level, since he had a history of hypertension and was diabetic. He hadn’t been able to check his glucose in over 2 weeks because he had run out of test strips. I asked him then how he’d managed his insulin doses, and he explained that he’d just had to guess. What strongly impressed me about Wilfredo was his cheerful disposition. He was joking, laughing, even playfully flirting with me, as I continued my assessment. Up and down the street from where he sat, homes had been demolished by the Hurricane, trees were stripped bare and thrown-about like pick-up-sticks, people had lost everything, food and water were scarce; he had every excuse to be negative and ornery. Instead, he put a smile on his face and went to work. I offered him a hygiene kit and some food and water, which he accepted gratefully. I wish I could have given him more.

If I knew before what I know now, I would have taken more food with us. I refused to
Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.20believe that people could still be without food and clean drinking water 3 weeks out. It
could never be that bad. But I was wrong. Gratefully, this amazing cousin of mine
knew better, and reached out to Thrive Life and they donated 48 gallon sized
containers of freeze dried food for us to take, including shredded chicken, ground
beef, corn, beans, potatoes, apples, pineapple, and strawberries. I don’t think the
people there had ever seen anything like it! They were amazed when we told them
they just needed to add water and they would end up with a delicious and hearty
meal. This sweet lady loved the dried apples and strawberries Jackie offered for her
to taste. This particular grandma lived alone and was a little hesitant to come out of
her house when three cars full of strangers pulled up. But once she realized our good
intentions, she warmed up to us. Worried for her well being, we asked about her age
and health status. She gave us a big smile and replied, “Well, they tell me I’m 90. But
sometimes I don’t feel that old. So some days I tell people I’m 84, some times I tell
people I’m 86. It just depends on the day!” We all laughed with her at her witty
response. When we left, she gave Jackie and I a big hug and a kiss. Her tender
embrace and unique sense of humor reminded me so much of my own beloved Abuelita. Driving away from her house that afternoon and leaving her to struggle alone was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.25Thanks to many of our friends and family who donated, we were able to take down several boxes of diapers, wipes, and formula. As we drove through the towns, we kept an eye out for families with babies and toddlers who could use these items. At one particular home, we saw a mother with her young 5 month old infant. We stopped and began talking with her. Within just a few minutes, one of her friends who was 37 weeks pregnant with her third child came out of the house. A couple minutes later, another mother with her 1 and 3 year old. Within 10 minutes or so, a group of about 6 mothers and a combined total of 12+ small children were gathered outside. As we began telling them that we came with diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene kits, and food, you could instantly see the relief in these mother’s eyes. As a mother myself, I felt a sisterhood to these women, who just like me are trying their best to make a good life for their little ones. Circumstances beyond their control have made just keeping their babies dry and fed a struggle. I had a couple friends from home remind me to take dum-dum suckers with me so that I could had them out to kids. I’m so glad I did. This little guy in particular stole my heart.

I’ve never felt so under-qualified or unprepared as a nurse. My medical experience has always been in clean, organized, fully-staffed and fully-stocked situations. And I can say without a doubt, that what I saw wasn’t even close to the worst of it. As we entered this small, humble home I couldn’t believe how many people were sitting out front. At first, I thought it was a patio area, but then I realized it had once been a living room, the roof had just been blown off. A middle aged woman approached me and asked me if I would be willing to check on her 18

year-old son. He was deaf-mute, she explained. He had stepped on a nail a few days ago and they were able to get him treated, but she was worried about him because he didn’t seem well. He laid on a mattress on the floor, covered in sweat, and his eyes were bloodshot. It was hard to tell if he had a fever or if it was just the intense heat that made his forehead feel so warm. His blood pressure was through the roof, and he was able to communicate to me that he had a bad headache. He didn’t look good, and my instinct told me that he needed to be in a hospital, but that simply wasn’t an option. If you could see beyond the frame of this small photo, you would see that 3 families were currently living in that small home, a total of 14 people. Two of their homes had been completely destroyed by the hurricane, so they had all been living together for the past 3 weeks. This young man shown on the floor wasn’t the only one with special needs either. There were also elderly grandparents, an adult son with mental disabilities, and a 10 year old boy who couldn’t walk. No power to keep their food from going bad, no water to bath in, and a food supply that was quickly running out. The needs were so many, I didn’t even know where to start. One of the hardest parts about our experience was seeing the extreme needs, but being helpless to offer more relief.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.38As evening approached after our day of delivering food and supplies, we met up with a group of local doctors who had been assessing medical needs and providing treatment to people in the town of Guajataca. Just as we were ready to call it a

day and head back to San Juan, someone from the group happened to start up a conversation with this gentleman named Regalado, who was sitting on a worn plastic chair outside his front door. We were walking by his home back to our cars, in a bit of a hurry I might add, because we wanted to get out of the mountain roads before dark. It was apparent that Regalado lived alone, so we asked if there was anything we could do for him. He replied that he would be happy with anything, anything we could do to help him. A few from our group entered his house to assess
his needs while the rest of us waited outside. A few minutes later my sweet friend
Millie came out in tears. She reported to us that his living conditions were the worst
she had seen yet: no roof, a few inches of standing water on his floor, no food, no
Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.33water, it seemed at some point he had relied on supplemental oxygen, but the
oxygen tanks were empty and the tubing was molding. Of course, there was no
power or running water. Since his toilet was not working, he had instead used buckets to relieve himself, which sat full of feces and ready to overflow next to his bed. A pile of soiled depends as tall as me was stacked in the corner of what at one point was a usable bathroom. The only clean clothing he had left was the shorts he was wearing. Three weeks after the hurricane, and this was still his reality. Our group of about 20 went right to work. Men climbed on the roof and nailed down a tarp. Gloves and masks were donned, and his waste buckets and used depends were disposed of. The standing water was swept out of his home, and new clean sheets were placed on his bed. At this point, most of our food and supplies had already been distributed, but we were able to gather a few essentials to leave him with. It felt like we were deserting him as we drove away that evening. After all we could do, it wasn’t even close to enough. Prior to our trip, several
of our friends and family gave us generous monetary donations to use as we
saw fit. Before we left Puerto Rico, we left Millie with $1,000 and told her we’d
like it to be used for Regalado. Millie was soon able to have his home back up
to adequate living standards. Regalado now has somewhere dry and clean to
sleep again. He has food, water, and a soft chair to sit on. Volunteers from

Wings of Hope will continue to check in on him and make sure he is healthy and safe.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.46Meet Adalia Roman- Salvation Army Soldier. I met her at the San Juan airport, as we were waiting to board our flight back home. She and her husband, along with about 30 other elderly people, sat in wheel chairs by our gate, waiting to be evacuated off the island. It was a sobering sight to see these heart-sick Puerto Ricans leave their homes, children, grandchildren, and the island they loved so much, perhaps never to return again. Adalia was headed to New Jersey to stay with family because she needed surgery. A few hospitals are open and functioning on the island, but the problem comes after hospitalization. It is nearly impossible and extremely dangerous to recover in a home without access to clean water or power. Chatting with her and getting to know her story was one of my favorite parts of the trip. She spoke English well, and she told me

about her years of service for the Salvation Army. She was well experienced with post-natural disaster protocols, and had been very involved with Red Cross and FEMA throughout her career. She had lived in Puerto Rico all her life and been through many storms, but she explained that this was the worst she’d ever seen. She told me all about her children and grandchildren, her beautiful home and her banana farm where all the trees had been ripped from the ground due to the strong winds. She told me how her husband was an amazing musician and singer, and how they fell in love. As it came our time to board and I had to say goodbye, she pleaded with me to tell their story. “Tell people what is going on down here. Tell them that we need help, and that it’s not coming fast enough. Don’t let us be forgotten.”

Our flight left early Sunday morning, so we were unable to deliver in person the medical supplies that we had brought with us to the pediatric hospital. However, we left them in the capable hands of our friend Millie, and she was able to deliver them within the week.

We want to again express our deepest gratitude to each of you for your willingness to help and be involved with our trip to Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto Rico has a population of 3.4 million people. We estimated that our supplies hopefully helped just a few hundred of those people. Sometimes it seems like we didn’t even make a dent. But then we remind ourselves, that to the people we helped, if only for that day, they weren’t hungry, their babies had dry diapers and full tummies, they had the medicine they needed, and they felt the love and care from each of you who helped. May God bless and protect you always.

With love,
Stanton and Cristina CraneScreenshot 2017-11-13 10.45.53

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Lethbridge College Kodiak Basketball

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As a supporter of the Lethbridge College Kodiak’s athletic program we have had an opportunity to see a lot of success in the different sports this year.


Today we want to extend our congratulations to their basketball programs!


For the second straight year, the Kodiak’s women’s basketball program had an undefeated regular season. This past Saturday they won the gold medal at the 2017 ACAC Basketball Championship. The Kodiak’s will now head to Edmonton for the CCAA National Championship March 16-18. Follow the tournament HERE




The Kodiak Men’s basketball program had an outstanding year as well. They fell to SAIT in the championship game of the ACAC tournament but still have secured themselves a spot in the CCAA National Championship Tournament in PEI. Follow the Men’s Kodiak team at the National Championships HERE.


Good luck to both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams at Nationals!

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Raymond Sugar Bowl High School Christmas Basketball Tournament

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Screenshot 2017-01-12 13.35.18


Raymond Comets Schedule

We are proud to have once again been sponsors at the Raymond High School Sugar Bowl Basketball Tournament this year.

The tournament was hosted December 26-27 in Raymond AB and featured many of the top teams from the province. Congratulations to the Cardston Cougars for capturing the 2016 Sugar Bowl Championship.

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Cougar Classic High School Basketball Tournament

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Cardston Lady Cougar Classic Basketball


Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again a proud sponsor of the Cardston High School athletics program. This weekend the boys and girls Cougar Classic basketball tournament is under way with some great basketball!

If you can’t make it to the games, check out their live stream HERE

2016 Cougar Classic Ladies Draw

2016 Cougar Classic Mens Draw

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An Open Letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau by Stephen Amonson

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The recent changes that have been made to the mortgage rules in Canada are going to have a big impact on many jobs and lives.

Stephen Amonson, Managing Director HAC Housing Group, has written an excellent open letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau. By sharing this we are hoping that many people will read this letter and it will eventually be read by Mr. Morneau.



October 11th, 2016

Dear Finance Minister Bill Morneau,


                    I hope that through the channels of social media and its relative power that you have an opportunity to read this and reconsider some of the sweeping changes you made to Mortgage rules on October 3rd. Why is this so important to me? Jobs, that’s why. Plain and simple it’s about jobs. You see my little group of building companies are small but they provide full time employment with excellent salaries and benefits for hundreds of people in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. We have fought hard for the past 2 years in difficult economic times to ensure that these jobs remain intact and that the families they support stay strong. Recently I woke up to news that you were introducing changes to mortgage lending rules that would affect our “National Housing Market”, which I would like to state does not exist. I respectfully repeat and submit that there is no “National Housing Market” just like there is no “National Weather Forecast”. Each region of this immense country has different paradigms, economic conditions, and housing challenges that need to be addressed with thoughtful and respectful consideration. I can only speak for my region of the country when I say that your recent announcement has placed families and jobs at risk in a marketplace that arguably did not need your interference. In addition to this you have placed unnecessary restrictions around Canadian’s fundamental right to not only provide shelter for their families but provide security through a time proven method of building wealth. Please understand that I would acknowledge that you have challenges but maybe, had you consulted with Builders, Lenders and Realtors across this country you might have come to different conclusions. I respectfully submit the following questions:


My first of many questions to you would be why?

Why would you interfere with a Canadian citizen’s ability to purchase a home?

  1.         Is not buying and owning a home one of the fundamental cornerstones of our “Canadian Philosophy”?
  2.         Has this not historically been one of the chief components for Canadians to build wealth and secure their retirement?
  3.         Is Canada not a free market economy?
  4.         If two out of the 100 plus markets have issues, why would you not address them specifically, although I return to question number 3 as a preference.
  5.         Although certain markets get overheated do they not tend to correct themselves over time? Do they not provide thousands of well paying construction jobs as demand rises?

If you are concerned about Canadians taking on debt and payments they cannot afford then:

Why have you only attacked the mortgage segment of lending?

  1.         Why would you not address the second and third largest segments of lending: Automobiles and Credit cards?
  2.         Why have you not addressed predatory lending? Why have you ignored a segment of lending that prevents many Canadians from ever escaping poverty?
  3.         Why have you not changed the rules around credit card lending and their interest rates? Are you aware that although general interest rates have dropped by roughly 400% in the past 10 years Credit card rates have remained the same?
  4.         Why do Canadians have to insure a loan to protect the banks? Why does this insurance not provide protection to them as well?

Why are you limiting a person’s ability to take advantage of some of the lowest rates in Canadian history? This is really important, so I will repeat the question in a different way. My son or daughter now has the opportunity to own a home and build wealth at some of the lowest rates in our history. They can borrow more for less and now you want to put a stop to that! Why?

  1.         Are you not comfortable with the prescribed debt ratios when it comes to underwriting these mortgages? Do we not already have a system that prevents Canadians from exceeding certain debt thresholds? Is it not true that mortgage lending is the only place where you have legislated debt levels?
  2.         Are you not comfortable with insurance fees that already wipeout almost all of the equity that a first time buyer has with 5% down?
  3.         Are you not satisfied with the fact that we have one of the most competitive mortgage markets in the world?
  4.         Why have you not honoured the agreement to index the GST rebate as prices have risen over the past 25 years. Why is there no GST rebate for homes over 450,000 if this is well below the median price in many markets? This could impact affordability immediately!

Are you concerned that the first-time buyer might not be able to renew their mortgage if rates were to climb?

  1.         Then why not force them to sign a 7 year or a 10 year mortgage instead? This would allow them more time to build equity before renewal and in the event that they cannot afford to renew then at least they may have equity to make a different move. The rate is only slightly higher than the five year and would affect far fewer Canadians.
  2.         Why not introduce a program that addresses the possible rate jump at renewal?
  3.         Why not address the rules around prepayment penalties. Why do mortgages have such large prepayment penalties? These fees are excessive and can prevent many people from relief in the case of default. In the auto industry as an example almost all loans can be paid off at any time with almost no penalty. Why is this not the same with mortgages?
  4.         Why not ban transfer taxes? This is a tax on mobility and an even greater tax on equity with no added benefit to the consumer.

Why did you not consult or consider the homebuilders across Canada when you made this move? Are you not aware that this industry has a tremendous effect on our national GDP. Are you not concerned with the effect this could have on tens of thousands of jobs?

  1.         The average single family home takes 5-8 months to build and the average multi-family project can take upwards of three years to complete (if not more). With these changes to the rules the homebuilding industry will have to adjust in order to meet new demands. Unmistakably,, this is what is going to happen: Consumers will be forced to buy smaller homes with fewer features and they will not be able to realize their full purchasing power. Yes you can afford a bigger home but no we will not let you? Sound a little bizarre?
  2.         What about the 8 months of inventory already in the ground with only two weeks to sell it? How will this affect current homeowners if builders are forced to discount this product in order to move it?
  3.         Why did you only give two weeks to allow for these changes? In the past you have allowed much more time and this is not an unreasonable request based on production cycles and the changes this will have on demand.

The Foreign Purchaser

As stated earlier this is not a big issue for me in my marketplace and I may have limited understanding on this topic but something doesn’t seem quite right here. If a municipality collects property tax from an absent owner, they are doing so without the full burden of that owners cost to the system. No kids in schools, no cars on streets, no garbage collection etc. Seems like a profitable scenario to me. I understand the complexities of affordability and existing residents and would only suggest that this policy does not address either one appropriately.

The right to live in a specific area

  1. Do you believe canadians have a right to live in specific communities?
  2. If so, then could you please do something about the prices in Rockcliffe Park and The Glebe in Ottawa as it would appear that these foreign buyers (you may call them Embassies and MPs) have driven the prices up so high that I find it impossible to find something in my price range.
  3. Do we not create mass transit systems and infrastructure to move people in and out of the core in large centers? Infrastructure that in some cases is heavily subsidized through fees and levies on new units inside these cores?

Are you worried about large scale default in the case of interest rate rise? This is really the issue isn’t it? Then let’s really do something effective:

  1.         Repeal this legislation
  2.         Agree to meet with Home builders, Realtors, Lenders and Insurers all together under one roof
  3.         Have transparent discussions regarding these issues and work on solutions that have positive outcomes with broad-based acceptance
  4.         Introduce changes with timelines that allow for business model changes , consumer adjustment and minimal market interruption

Respectfully and with great hope for action

Stephen Amonson

Managing Director HAC Housing Group

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Lethbridge College Kodiak Athletics

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to continue our support of the Kodiak’s Athletics programs at Lethbridge College for the 2016/2017 year. We have been sponsors of Kodiak Athletics for a number of years now and have enjoyed the relationship we have with Lethbridge College.

It has been exciting to see the success the different teams have had over the years and we are sure we will see more success with the talent, hard work and dedication we see from the coaches and players alike.

The teams represent Lethbridge College in the ACAC and CCAA competitions. The Kodiaks have competed at the highest level of athletics both on the court or field and in the classroom, earning provincial and national titles and academic awards since their founding in 1966.

Good luck to all the teams in the 2016/2017 season!




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Kodiak Mountain Stone supports Jeff Heggie at the Chinook Rodeo Association Finals and the Foothill Cowboys Association Finals

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to support Jeff Heggie at the CRA and FCA finals in the steer wrestling. Jeff has had another great season and we are proud be be on his team headed into the finals.


Jeff Heggie Steer Wrestling Chinook Rodeo Association Foothill Cowboy Association Finals

The Foothills Cowboy Association finals will be held in Red Deer AB at the Westerner Park from October 7-9, 2016.

The Chinook Rodeo Association Finals will be held in Brooks AB at the Silver Sage Community Corral from October 28-30, 2016

Good luck to Jeff and all the contestants!

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Parade of Homes 2016 – Canadian Home Builders Association – Lethbridge Region

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2016 marks the 5oth year of the CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes and it’s as big and good as ever with 40 beautiful show homes available to visit. Kodiak Mountain Stone is grateful to be able to work with a number of the builders involved in the Parade of Homes including this years College Home which was built by Empire Homes.


The 2016 Parade of Homes runs from September 10 through September 25

Monday to Friday: 4-8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 1-5pm


Below is a list of the 2016 builders along with the addresses of their show homes:





Daytona Homes (CMYK) - 300 dpi

Empire Homes

Galko Homes - Logo - PNG - 300 DPI - White On Blue - 3.5 x 2

Greener Homes Logo (1)


Ikon Residential Logo


logo Large

palmer gold top white

Ramton Logo


Stranville Living Master Builder Logo

vanarbor_showhome_logo copy


Gallery of some of the 2016 show homes that feature products from Kodiak Mountain Stone can be found HERE

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Tia Heggie – Basketball Alberta

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to support Tia Heggie as she represents Alberta on the U17 Team Alberta Woman’s basketball team.


5 - Tia Heggie Basketball Alberta 2016 Team 17U Girls 1


Team Alberta will be playing at the NIKE End of the Trail basketball tournament in Oregon City OR from July 5-8. From there they will head to Langley BC for some exhibition games. They will cap off the year at the Canadian National Championships in Regina SK from July 24-31.


Good luck Tia and Team Alberta!


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Southern Alberta Riding and Roping Circuit – SARRC

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to have sponsored the Junior Breakaway Roping in 2016 for the Southern Alberta Riding and Roping Circuit (S.A.R.R.C.)


Congratulations to Ben Mitchell from Pincher Creek on your 4th place finish!


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Lethbridge Home and Garden Show 2016

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Come and join Kodiak Mountain Stone for the 2016 Home and Garden Show in Lethbridge AB.


The Home and Garden show is jointly presented by Exhibition Park and the Lethbridge Home Builders Association.

Guests to the show can find a variety of exhibitors, ranging from flooring and cabinets, to hot tubs and fireplaces, to landscapers and greenhouses, and much more. It’s the largest Home and Garden show in Southern Alberta, and the variety of products is almost endless!


2016 Dates NEW HOURS!

March 16 – Wednesday – 1 to 8 pm
March 17 – Thursday – 1 to 8 pm
March 18 – Friday – 1 to 8 pm
March 19 – Saturday – 10 to 5 pm



  • $7 per person
  • Under 10 Free Courtesy of Park Place Shopping Center


  • $5 per vehicle

Find out more about the Lethbridge Home and Garden show HERE


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Calgary Home and Garden Show 2016

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The 2016 Calgary Home + Garden Show starts this Thursday and Kodiak Mountain Stone is looking forward to seeing you there! Once again we will be located at Booth #885.

We will have our samples of manufactured stone veneer, natural stone and acrylic stucco for you to see. These products are great for both your interior and exterior projects. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing one, we will be able to help.

Find out more about Kodiak Mountain Stone at or visit one of our stores at:

Calgary AB: 5432 56 Ave SE

Lethbridge AB: 2620 2 Ave N

Springville UT: 399 W 900 N

Find a Dealer HERE

Call us at 1-877-563-4252







Thursday February 25, 2016  ​NOON – 9:00 p.m.
Friday ​February 26, 2016  NOON – 9:00 p.m. 
Saturday ​February 27, 2016  
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday ​February 28, 2016  
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Adults (13+) $16.00
Adults (13 +) Online $13.00
​Seniors (60+) $13.00
Seniors (60+) Online$​10.00
Seniors (60+) FRIDAY Before 5pm  $7.00
Children 12 & Under  FREE



BMO Centre, Stampede Park
20 Roundup Way SE
Calgary, AB
Phone: 403.261.0583



If arriving from the North, take 11th avenue SE to Olympic Way and proceed through the gates.  When coming from the South via Macleod Trail turn east into Stampede Park off of 25th Avenue S.E, or follow the street signs indicating the route to Stampede Park on all major roads in the city.













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Cardston High School Athletics

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Kodiak Mountain Stone banner for Cardston High School

Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to be a major sponsor of the Cardston High School athletic program. We are thankful for the support we have received from the people of Cardston since we started Kodiak Mountain Stone in 2005 and we are happy that we can give something back to the community.  Good luck to all the teams, athletes and coaches in 2015-2016!

Cardston High School

Cardston Cougars vs LCI Rams

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Kodiak Mountain Stone supports Kodiak Athletics!

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to support the Lethbridge College Kodiak’s Athletic Programs in the 2015 and 2016 season.


Find out more about Kodiak Athletics HERE


The Kodiak’s have had some great success in the past few years and with the talented athletes and coaches they have this year we hope to see more success. Good luck to all the teams this season!









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Canadian Home Builders Association – Lethbridge Region, 2015 Parade of Homes

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The 2015 Lethbridge, Alberta Parade of Homes is entering its final week. If you are in the Lethbridge area and have not yet had the opportunity to view this years show homes, make time in your calendar to do it. You won’t be disappointed.  This years builders have gone above and beyond to build some of the most beautiful show homes ever and we are excited that a large number of these show homes have product on them from Kodiak Mountain Stone!


CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes

CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes


The Parade of Homes runs from September 12 – 27, 2015.

Monday to Friday 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.




You can find out more about the CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes at


CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes College Home

CHBA-Lethbridge Region Parade of Homes
College Home


To see a beautiful gallery of the show homes that have our product on them, visit our gallery HERE




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Tia Heggie – Basketball Alberta

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to sponsor Tia Heggie as she represents Alberta playing for the girls Basketball Alberta U16 Team.



Their next tournament will be the Seattle Summer Showcase from July 10th through the 12th.

Then beginning on August 7 they will be representing Alberta at the Western Canadian Summer Games in Wood Buffalo.


U16-TEAM Basketball Alberta 2015

Good Luck to Tia and the U16 Basketball Alberta Girls team this summer!

Update: August 13, 2015


Tia Heggie and her Basketball Alberta team played well at the Western Canada Summer Games in Wood Buffalo AB. They finished 4th overall. Congratulations ladies!


Some of Tia’s highlights from the games:



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Cardston Family Fun Run

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is grateful to have the opportunity to be involved again with the Cardston Family Fun Run.  We appreciate the time and effort that goes into this event by all of the volunteers and organizers.  It is a great way to encourage fitness, healthy living and community spirt in our town.  Congratulations to all who participated!

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Cardston Kids Marathon 2015

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We are excited to once again be a major sponsor for the 7th Annual Cardston Kids Marathon which will be held in Cardston AB at 11:30 on June 17, 2015.

The Cardston Kids Marathon is for children aged 0 through 100, their families, friends and community!


For more information on the Cardston Kids Marathon (CKM) visit their website at




Good luck to all participants!


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Cardston Cougar Basketball

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to be a supporter of Cardston Cougar High School Athletics again for the 2014-2015 season.




This past weekend both the boys and girls basketball teams made us proud at the 4A Alberta Provincial Championship tournament at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton.


Both teams had a great year. The girls team lost a close second game that put them out of the running for the provincial championship but finished their year with a come from behind win.  The boys team also had a great tournament, winning their first three games advancing them to the final championship game where they were defeated by Edmonton’s Harry Ainlay.


Congratulations to all the players and coaches, you had a year to be proud of!


It was a great tournament with strong teams from around the province.  Visit the links below to see the results of both the boys and girls tournaments.


Boys Final Results

Girls Final Results

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Lethbridge College Kodiak’s

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As proud supporters of the Lethbridge College Kodiak Athletic program we want to give a big congratulations to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams.


Both teams were the 2014-2015 ACAC (Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference) champions.










With these championships both teams advanced to the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) championships.  Both teams played very well competing for the national championship.  The men’s team proudly brought home the bronze medal while the women’s team brought home the silver.


Ali Cameron from the women’s team was also named the CCAA Women’s Player of the Year! Congratulations!


Kodiak Mountain Stone wants to congratulate all of the players and coaches for a great season!

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2015 Best of the Best – Lethbridge AB

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Once again Kodiak Mountain Stone has been nominated for the 2015 Best of the Best in Lethbridge AB.  It’s always fun to wait anxiously to see the annual winners.  We won in 2013 but were edged out in 2014.  We would love to regain the title in 2015 and hope you will vote for us!


You can visit and vote once per day until January 31.

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2014 Raymond High School Sugar Bowl Basketball Tournament

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Kodiak Mountain Stone was once again proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the 2014 Raymond High School Sugar Bowl Basketball Tournament.


Sugar Bowl has a lot of history and tradition behind it and is known as one of the best high school basketball tournaments in the area.  Each year top talent is attracted to this tournament and this year was no different.  Throughout the tournament there were some excellent games with great competition.  The final game was between the LCI Rams from Lethbridge and the Hairy Ainley Titans from Edmonton.  It was a great game with the Titans coming away with the championship.


Congratulations to all the teams and players who participated in the 2014 Sugar Bowl and congratulations to Raymond High School for hosting another magnificent tournament.  Good luck with the rest of your seasons!

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Cardston High School Sponsorship

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Cardston High School



Kodiak Mountain Stone proudly continues our sponsorship of the Cardston High School and their athletic programs.


This coming weekend, December 12 & 13, Cardston will host their annual Cougar Classic Basketball Tournament.  This year, the boys and girls tournament will both run on the same weekend. There will be some great teams in the tournament in both draws.


Once the draws are posted you will be able to find them at


You will also be able to watch games online at

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Kodiak Mountain Stone & The Lethbridge College Kodiak Athletics

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is once again proud to support the Lethbridge College Kodiaks Athletic program for the 2014/2015 season.


Visit to find our more about the Kodiaks athletic program and to find the team schedules.  There are a lot of exciting things happening with the Kodiaks athletic programs, get out and support them!


You can also watch their games online at

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Kodiak Mountain Stone Sponsors Stirling Lakers Boys & Girls Basketball Tournaments

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to support the Stirling High School by sponsoring their boys and girls basketball tournaments.


The boys tournament ran this past weekend, December 5-6.  The girls tournament will run January 16-17, 2015.


Good luck to all the teams and players!

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Jeff Ripley Fund

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Kodiak Mountain Stone lost a friend this week in a tragic accident.


A blog post on reads:


British Columbian Outfitter and Goat Alliance sponsor, Tewza Expeditions, suffered an indescribable loss on Monday, November 10th. Master guide, Jeff Ripley, lost his life on the mountain in a terrible accident. After successfully guiding his fourth and biggest mountain goat of the season, Jeff and his hunter began descending down the mountain. Right before dusk, Jeff lost his footing and fell out of sight. His hunter, Heath Mickelson, of Welling, Alberta, tried all night to get to him but couldn’t find him and Jeff wasn’t responding to his calls. Search and rescue was immediately called and they looked all night only to find him Tuesday morning. He was pronounced dead in Terrace, British Columbia shortly after. Our hearts are absolutely broken for Jeff’s family, friends, everyone at Tezwa Expeditions. 

“Jeff was absolutely loved by his hunters and I was told personally by them that his unwavering positive attitude was the only reason they were successful. After looking at several goats on the mountain side and me saying….’I think that goat is safe up there’, Jeff would say…. ‘Aww…….there’s got to be a way up there’. He was the ‘little screw that holds the watch together’. He knew where everything was and was constantly reminding me of things that we needed to do or things we need to pick up. He loved the high country and said he was absolutely addicted to hunting goats. When I think there’s no more tears that flow, I find that another has run down my cheek.
Jeff will never be forgotten.”


-Derrick Passey (Jeff’s Father-In-Law & Owner of Tezwa Expeditions)


Like a lot of young couples, Jeff and his wife, Dakota, didn’t have insurance. Please help the Ripley family through these hard times by making a generous donation below. Your thoughts, prayers, and financial kindness is greatly appreciated. Rest In Peace Jeff.


We are posting this to our blog because Jeff was a friend to many of us at Kodiak Mountain Stone but also because we hope that you will go to and make any kind of donation that you can to help Dakota out financially through such a tough time.





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