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Where To Buy Kodiak Mountain Stone Products

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As the popularity of our Kodiak Mountain Stone products continue to increase, we get many inquiries as to where our customers can purchase our products from. Fortunately we have a number of options that allow anyone to have access to our products.


We currently have three company owned locations that we can be found:


Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

2620 2 Ave N
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 0C2
Phone: 403-388-8948

Products Available: Manufactured Stone Veneer (Kodiak Mountain Stone, Eldorado Stone, Creative Mines), Natural Stone, Brick and Master Wall Acrylic Stucco


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

5432 56 Ave SE
Calgary AB T2C 4M6
Phone: 587- 952-4822

Products Available: Manufactured Stone Veneer (Kodiak Mountain Stone, Creative Mines), Natural Stone, Cherokee Brick and Master Wall Acrylic Stucco


Springville, Utah, USA

399 W 900 N
Springville, Utah
Phone: 801-491-3001

Products Available: Manufactured Stone Veneer (Kodiak Mountain Stone) and Natural Stone


Coming Soon: Queen Creek, Arizona, USA


Our Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer is also available through our dealer network. You can locate a dealer near you on our Dealer Map HERE


We are also proud to be on the Marketplace. Through we are able to ship product all throughout North America. View all the products we have on the Build Direct Marketplace HERE




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Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar

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Stop in at your Kodiak Mountain Stone show room in Lethbridge or Calgary AB to ask about our SPEC MIX Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar.


Ultimate Bond. Non Sagging.


SPEC MIX® Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar (PMSVM) is a technologically advanced adhered veneer mortar for use in bonding adhered manufactured stone veneer, natural thin cut stone and thin brick to a cementitious substrate. PMSVM is designed to provide excellent workability, cohesion, high bond strength, sag resistance, water resistance, efflorescence minimization, and durability. SPEC MIX PMSVM is the ideal solution for architects and contractors with projects where an immediate and ongoing need for mortar delivering high bond strength and sag resistance during installation is required. In applications where mortar joints are not utilized,such as dry stack applications, SPEC MIX PMSVM should be used to gain additional bond strength and “pop-off” protection. Installing natural thin cut stone veneer is aided by the unique anti-sag and high bond properties of SPEC MIX PMSVM.

In addition to custom mix designs that are available for specific applications or properties, the SPEC MIX Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar is designed to be compatible with the characteristics of most all specified adhered masonry veneer units. It is acceptable for all types of construction: concrete, masonry, wood frame or steel studs, with submittals available upon request.










Approximate Coverage Rates 80 LB. (36.3 KG) Bag:

  • Scratch Coat: 20-23 Square Feet
  • Bonding Coat: 24-26 Square Feet
  • Joint Grout (1/2″ Joints): 38-40 Square Feet
  • Full Installation (scratch, bond & joint): 13-15 Square Feet

*NOTE: coverage is approximate and will vary depending on workmanship, method of installation, substrate, style of stone, waste and regional variation.



  • Contact your local SPEC MIX manufacturer
  • Visit
  • Phone: 888-SPEC-MIX 

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The Use of Polymer Modified Mortar for Tight-fit/Dry Stacked Stone Veneer Installation

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REGARDING: The use of Polymner Modified Mortar for tight-fit/dry stacked veneer installation


TO: All Kodiak Mountain Stone Dealers, Installers, and Users:


We believe quality stone demands quality installation. Mortar has changed. We ask that you all stress the importance of using Polymer Modified Mortar for tight-figt/dry stacked stone veneer installation. These new Polymer Modified Mortars are more workable, and they bond better.


Type N or Type S mortar should not be used for installing tight-fit/drystacked installations. Polymer Modified Mortar should be used for these tight-fit/drystacked installations. Conventional Type N and Type S mortars are designed for laying up block and brick, and are not required to have high bond strength. Polymer Modified Mortars on the other hand are made specifically for bonding and provide very high bond strength. Type N and Type S mortar are adequate for installing stone applications having grouted joints because the grouted joints provide additional bond to the sides of the stones; and also because the grouted joints act as a secondary attachment. In addition, the grouted joints also seal the stone walls from water accumulation behind the stones which can cause debonding when frozen. But tight-fit/drystacked stone installations don’t have these grout joint “safety valves”.


Thanks for your continued business.

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Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Veneer Quick Points

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Information about Kodiak Mountain Stone by Wes Dewsbery, Calgary AB Sales Manager




Kodiak Mountain Stone Quick Points


  • Founded in 2005 in Cardston Alberta
  • Headquarters in Cardston AB
  • Dealer network of 20+ Dealers in Canada and USA
  • Factory is in Springville Utah
  • Warehouses in Calgary and Lethbridge
  • Kodiak Mountain Stone sells Manufactured Stone, Natural Stone, Stucco, and Brick



  • Manufactured thin veneer (poured concrete product)
  • For vertical surfaces
  • Good for Interior/ Exterior Applications,­ Fireplaces; feature walls, Outside cladding
  • Flame retardant for fireplaces
  • Both Corner and Flats are available­­. Flats are in square feet (area) and corners in linear feet (top to bottom)
  • Packaging is in big box and EZ packs (small boxes) for flats and corners
  • Packaging Quantities
    • Big box­ Flats­ Always 120 sq ft
    • Big box corners­ 90 or 100 ln ft ­­depends on profile*
    • EZ Pack­ Flats­ 10 or 12 sq ft ­ depends on profile*
    • EZ Pack Corners­ always 8 ln ft
  • There are 8 main retail profiles for our Kodiak Mountain Stone brand of manufactured stone veneer.
  • Most colours cross over into all profiles
  • Accessories are available in main colours Charcoal, Almond Buff and Walnut (others available)
  • Stone is not panel system; pieces are independent and sometimes require mortar between joints; except Ready Stack and Frontier Ledge which are dry stacked (4” inch high pieces with random lengths)
  • Stone is applied with mortar/mesh combination as per ICC (international code council) guidelines
  • A sealer may be used on manufactured stone for added protection and/or to enhance colors and definition
  • 50 year warranty on Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer. 


Learn more about installing Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer HERE

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How to Install Manufactured Stone Veneer

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“How do I install manufactured stone veneer?”


That is such a common question asked at our stores by our customers. Properly installed manufactured stone is an important step in creating a beautiful, lasting project. Our installation guide walks you through step-by-step instructions. Plus, our detailed video is a great guide to help you out along the way.


A vital part of installing manufactured stone veneer or natural stone veneer is having the proper vapor barrier on your project. This video will help to guide you in properly preparing before you begin to install your stone.

Always check your local building codes before starting your project.  


You can find a printable copy of our Kodiak Mountain Stone Installation Guide HERE


Before you begin to install you stone you need to plan your project. Make sure to take advantage of the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer so you can have a clear picture of your final project before you even start. The Visualizer will really help you to begin with the end in mind!


To help you out, we have created an instructional video on how to use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer:


For more assistance please contact us at 1-877-563-4252 (877-KODIAK-2) or


Or visit us at:


Lethbridge, Alberta

2620 2 Ave N.


Calgary, Alberta

5432 56 Ave SE


Springville, Utah

399 W 900 N




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How To Use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer

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“I never knew my house could look like that!”


“I can’t believe the difference it makes, it’s beautiful!”


These are the types of comments we hear from people after they first use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer.  The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer helps you to see what your house or project could look like with different styles and colors of stone in different places. It also gives you the ability to experiment with stucco, siding, doors, windows, roofing materials and so much more.


If you are renovating or building new, this is a great tool to help you visualize your dream!


All you need to do is upload a photo of your home or project (fireplace, feature wall, etc.) and follow the step by step tutorial.  But to make it even easier, we have provided you with this video to help you out.



Start playing with the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer today, click HERE!

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How to Update Your Home

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Blog Post by Amanda Aiuto from our Calgary AB store


We’ve all done it. We look around the house and are bored of what we see. We think to ourselves certain rooms or aspects of our home just aren’t working anymore. This is usually around the time the husband hears those dreaded words “I think we should move”. You feel like a new space will give you the new spark, will make you feel refreshed. Realistically, we can’t always move when we feel we want something new. Thankfully for us we have an endless list of options to make any space feel brand new and bring back that feeling when you first moved into your home.

Kodiak Mountain Stone is always here to help with any project we can. Often you could think of our products as something for the exterior of your home or a fireplace surround and while those can be just the thing to make you fall more in love with your home and give it that curb appeal that is just the beginning of the endless design possibilities. Through the years we have enjoyed watching our clients come up with countless creative ideas on how to improve the esthetics of their homes. If you’re at a standstill on what to do. You have come to the right place. Below is a list of rooms and some great ideas on how incorporate our products into your design.



Bedroom – Ah the sanctuary!  If you’re into the country/rustic look a Craft Board Form headboard from the Creative Mines lines would be stunning. You could also do a feature wall in one of our gorgeous stacked stone profiles.



Bathroom– For a room you spend so much time it, it should be appealing to the eye. We have a ton of products that would work great for a small feature wall behind a tub. This would be ideal for giving your home that spa like feel. You could even add shelving to hold candles or other products.

Utah frontier ledge kodiak mountain stone lethbridge calgary Granite Southern Hackett Lethbridge Shawn Heggie Kodiak Mountain Stone calgary



Kitchen – As the one room that everyone gathers in. You want there to be something that stands out. Brick is all the rage right now. If you’re looking for a more traditional look you could opt for a General Shale product or you could go for the more modern look with the new Creative Mines Craft Paint Grade Brick  which you have the freedom to paint any color.


Brick-Brookhaven-Lethbridge-WMOld Chief River Rock Kodiak Mountain Stone Lethbridge Calgary kitchen 004


Bar– The bar is a great place to do an eye catching full height back splash. You could add in shelving for all your favorite beverages and also a wine rack for your best bottles. Another great idea for this space would be to use our stone on the bar itself bring the whole look together.

Walnut Frontier Ledge Kodiak Mountain Stone Lethbridge Aztec Ashcroft 006 fieldstone villa stone blend



Living Room – Normally this is where you do a fireplace. We have had tons of clients take it a step further and do a feature wall. A great product for this is Creative Mines Split Modular.

IMG_8771 Wheat-Frontier-Ledge-Kodiak-Mountain-Stone-Lethbridge-Calgary-Aztec-014


Foyer – Having a stacked stone hug a stair case gives you a looking nothing else quite can. It sets the design up for the entire home and bring a fluency to any look you’re trying to achieve.


Another upside to renovations… 

We all know what renovations can do to how you feel about home. How it can be the focus of all your future dinner parties and make your family want to always spend the holidays at your house but another upside is two very big very important words. Resale Value… a small investment can come back in spades when you’re ready to sell.  Our clients love our products for that reason. On one alone, a client of ours told us he invested five hundred dollars to do a beautiful fireplace. When he sold his home it added five thousand dollars to the value of his home! How can you wrong?

You can also visit the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer HERE as you are planning your renovation. It allows you to upload photos of your own project and see what stone will look like in different areas and in different styles or colors.

For whatever your product needs and desires are our team at Kodiak Mountain Stone is here to help you from the beginning to end. Come into one of our showrooms today.



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Natural Stone from Kodiak Mountain Stone

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In addition to the various manufactured stone veneer products that we sell at Kodiak Mountain Stone, we have a huge variety of natural stone products to choose from as well.


Our natural stone comes from a variety of quarries in both Canada and the United States. This gives us the opportunity to offer a huge variety of different colors and profiles to meet every customers needs and tastes.  Natural stone is an elegant finish for both interior and exterior application on both residential and commercial projects.



Visit our natural stone photo gallery HERE for some amazing project photos!



Here are some of the common questions that we are asked about natural stone:


  • Is natural stone durable?

Our natural stone veneer is real stone from nature. It is from the earth. Further exposure to natural elements will not harm it. It is possible to see some slight variations over time, but for the most part it should not fade or wear.


  • Will all of the colors be consistent through all of the stone?

Natural stone has beautiful vibrancy, life and characteristics.  Every stone is unique and no two stones will be exactly alike. Variations in color can and should be expected with natural stone and it is recommended to obtain a sample of the product before placing an order.


  • How do I clean natural stone?

Natural stone can be cleaned with mild, non-acidic cleaners. Do not sue brass or metal brushes or scrapers. Soft bristle brushes are acceptable. Some natural stone can be washed with a pressure washer, but caution should be used since some natural stone has certain characteristics (such as natural moss) that could be damaged by a pressure washer.


  • How do I install natural stone?

Installing natural stone is best completed by a professional however installation can be accomplished as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.  For instructions on proper techniques, recommended tools and materials for your project ask one of our professionals at Kodiak Mountain Stone.



Many of the natural stone colors and profiles we offer come from independent quarries. However, we also offer beautiful natural stone from these well knows companies:


* Eldorado Natural Stone is only available at our Lethbridge AB location in select profiles.




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Planning Your Renovation Project

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It is always fun to look at before and after photos of renovation projects. When we see pictures such as this we often dream of the things we would like to do to make some changes and improvements to our own houses.  There are often two questions that come to mind at this point, (1) What would my house actually look like if I were to make the changes I have been dreaming of, and (2) Can I afford the renovation I’ve been dreaming of.  I want to address how Kodiak Mountain Stone can help answer both of those questions for you.



What Would My House Actually Look Like With the Renovations I’ve Been Dreaming of?


At Kodiak Mountain Stone customers have always brought up things such as:

  • I’m having a hard time deciding where I want to put the stone on my house.
  • I wish I could tell what my house would look like with acrylic stucco.
  • Should I put stone on the entire face of the garage or just part way up the corners?


Questions and comments such as these from customers made our team at Kodiak Mountain Stone determined to find a way to help out.  The solution we’ve developed is one of the most helpful tools  you can use during a renovation or new home build.  The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer gives you the opportunity to see what your home would look like with some of our most popular profiles and colors of manufactured stone veneer added to it. Not only that, you can also see what different colors of our Master Wall Acrylic Stucco would look like, along with new windows, doors and so much more!


You simply need to take a photo of your project, upload it to the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer and follow the step-by-step instructions in the program. You’ll be able to try as many different combinations and ideas as you want. When you have something that looks good, you’ll be able to save that project and then try some other variations.  You will also be able to print your project off and share it on social media. We would love to see what you have done, tag us when you share it on social media!

Kodiak-Mountain-Stone-Visualizer-ready-to-add-manufactured-stone-veneer kodiak-mountain-stone-visualizer-002


























Can I Afford the Renovation I’ve Been Dreaming Of?


We know that many people complete their renovation projects over an extended period of time to match up with their budget.  We also know that quite often we have clients that wish they could do more, but decide to only do what they have in their budget at the moment and will complete the rest of the project at another time.


Now at Kodiak Mountain Stone we have a financing option that will allow you to do the complete project now and pay it off over time. On approved credit, we now offer financing through Crelogix which gives you affordable monthly payments with the flexibility to make lump sum payments or pay off the loan in full at any time, without penalty.

Crelogix Financing logo black - transparent


If financing is an option that you would like to explore you can talk to our staff at our stores in Lethbridge and Calgary AB for more details.




At Kodiak Mountain Stone we have a wide range of manufactured stone, natural stone, brick, thin brick veneer, acrylic stucco and light weight concrete fencing. Come by and visit one of our showrooms or find a dealer close to you to and let us help you finish your dream!


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Financing Now Available at Kodiak Mountain Stone

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is now offering financing at our Lethbridge and Calgary locations.  We have partnered with Crelogix to offer you affordable monthly payment options. Crelogix’s flexible financing options allow you to have what you want today and pay it off over time.


The application process is easy and you can repay the balance completely or with lump-sum payments at any time without penalty thanks to flexible loan terms. Crelogix also offers great loan protection options to cover you for unexpected events such as job loss or injury.


Crelogix Financing logo black - transparent



Advantages of Financing with Crelogix:


  • Pay with larger purchases with easy monthly payments
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms mean you can repay in full at any time without penalty
  • Flexible choices on loan protection to cover your future
  • Financing backed by 40 years of industry expertise
  • Quality customer service and an in-house call centre


Ask us about financing today!



*Financing is available through Crelogix on approved credit.

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FAQ: Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Veneer Dimensions

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We often have inquiries about the dimensions of some of our Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer.

Thank you to Casey Wilson of our Calgary AB office for putting together this helpful information:

*In this post we will refer to manufactured stone veneer “flats” and “corners.”  The flats refer to the stone that is on the flat surface of the wall while the corners are the 90 degree pieces that are used to go around corners of a wall.  Even though the dimensions of the stone will vary, you don’t necessarily need to know this when ordering because orders are placed by the total square footage and linear footage of a project.  

Kodiak Mountain Stone Ready Stack and Frontier Ledge


Our Ready Stack and Frontier Ledge manufactured stone is 4 inches tall.

Ready Stack flats will range from 6 – 18 inches per a piece in length.

Frontier Ledge flats will range from 7-13 inches per piece in length

Corner pieces will have one side that is 3 inches on the inside, while the other side will vary in length ranging from 6 to 12 inches

Kodiak Mountain Stone  Rocky Mountain Series Stacked Stone and Dry Stack Ledge

dsl.jpg ss.jpg

Stacked Stone and Dry Stack Ledge is 3 inches tall

Stacked Stone flats are 12 inches long

Dry stacked ledge flats will  vary from 6 to 16 inches long per piece

Corners will have one 4 inch side and one 7 inch side

Kodiak Mountain Stone Southern Hackett


Is a blend of squares and rectangles ranging from 5″ x 11″ to 12″ x 9.5″

Kodiak Mountain Stone Cut Fieldstone


Cut Fieldstone comes in a variety of dimensions ranging from 2″ x 3″ to 16″ x 13″

Kodiak Mountain Stone Villa Stone


Is a blend of squares and rectangles with tumbled edges

Sizes will vary from 3″ x 5″ to 16″ x 7″

Kodiak Mountain Stone Shadow Ledge


Is a blend of  random ledgestones

Sizes will vary from 6″ to 12″ in length and 1″ to 3″ in height

Kodiak Mountain Stone River Rock


River Rock has a more rounded look, with the odd oblong shapes thrown in. Its name really does explain what to expect when you see this stone

Sizes will vary from 4″ x 2″ to 10″ x 10″

*Each profile comes with corner pieces and they are at a 90 degree angle

Frontier Ledge Corner Piece.jpg

Frontier Ledge Corner Piece Example (They will vary)

For more information please contact us at 877-563-4252 or find more information on our CONTACT PAGE

*The information in this post is for information purposes only.  Our stone is ordered by the square footage for flats and the linear footage for corners.  These amounts are determined using a variety of stone sizes during production.  Your order will come with a variety of sizes and specific stone sizes cannot be requested when placing your order.


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Feature Product – Elasto-flex from Master Wall Inc.

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Master Wall Acrylic Stucco Products from Kodiak Mountain Stone 


Elasto-flex, Elastomeric Acrylic Coating, is a durable elastomeric architectural coating designed to bridge the minor cracking common in stucco applications. When dry it forms a stretchy rubber like film on the surface yet is vapor permeable.

Master Wall Elastoflex acrylic stucco paint


Elasto-flex is available in all Master Wall® colors and custom colors delivered in five-gallon (19L) pails.



375-400 square feet (35-37 square meters) – single coat


*Coverages are estimated and vary


Weight: 53lbs (24 kg)


Working Time: Ready to use right from the pail after pre-mixing.


Drying Time: Varies by air temperature, humidity and surface temperature. Under normal room temperatures Elasto-flex will dry to the touch in 2-4 hours and is ready to recoat after 8 hours. Protect the finish from rain and temperatures less than 40F (5 C) for a minimum of 24 hours.


Application/Storage Temperatures: 40F (5C) to 110F (43C). Store out of direct sunlight.


Shelf Life: 2 years under normal conditions.


Application Procedure

Job Conditions – Air and substrate temperature for application of Elasto-flex must be 50°F (10°C) or higher and must remain 50°F (10°C)or higher for a minimum of 24 hours. Provide temporary protection to protect the wall system from damage until permanent flashings, caps and sealants are installed. Store materials within prescribed temperature limits and out of direct sunlight. Working and drying times are based upon normal room temperature conditions and will vary with temperature and humidity.


Surface Preparation – Surface temperature must be above 50°F (10°C). Surface must be clean, dry, structurally sound and free of efflorescence, oil, grease, form release agents, and curing compounds. On previously painted surfaces, all loose, peeling and chalking paint must be removed. Any glossy areas must be sanded.


Concrete – Must have cured a minimum of 28 days prior to the application of Elasto-flex. If form release agents or curing compounds exist on the surface, they must be removed with an appropriate solution. Remove any residual solution by flushing with water.


Masony – Clean, cured, dry and unpainted.


Stucco – Must be cured, dry and unpainted. If additives were used in the stucco, it is recommended that a test patch be made to evaluate bond strength of the Elasto-flex to the stucco.


Masterwall EIFS – Clean and dry.


Priming – Prime new surfaces such as concrete, masonry and stucco with Master Wall Primecoat to equalize substrate absorption. Priming is not necessary over Master Wall Superior Finishes.


Mixing – Thoroughly stir Elasto-flex into a homogenous consistency. Small amounts of clean, potable water may be added to obtain a workable consistency. Do not over mix. Do not exceed 12 ounces (0.35L) of water per pail. Do not add accelerators or retarders to Elasto-flex.


Application – Elasto-flex can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray equipment. When using a roller, a maximum ¾ nap is recommended. Apply Elasto-flex in an even, continuous coat, maintaining a wet edge of 20 mils wet for a dry thickness of 10 mils.


Clean Up -Tools and equipment can be cleaned with soapy water when Elasto-flex is wet.


Limitations – Do not use Elasto-flex as a finish directly over any Master Wall base coat.


Information contained in this product data sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specifications for the installation of Master Wall® Inc. products and is presented in good faith. Master Wall Inc. assumes no liability, expressed or implied as to the architecture, engineering, or workmanship of any project. This information may be concurrent with, or superseded by other applicable documents, such as specifications and details. Contact Master Wall® Inc. for the most current product information. 

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See What YOUR Home Will Look Like With Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Building a home or completing a renovation is a huge commitment.  Before any project can even be started it has to be visualized in someones mind.  When it’s completed, everyone gets to see the final results of that vision.  Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies many of the products that people see when you are done your project.  That is why those finishing touches are so important on a project.  Whether it’s our manufactured stone, natural stone, brick or acrylic stucco, we will help you Finish the Dream!

Kodiak Mountain Stone is excited to introduce the new Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer to help create that dream!




Upload your own picture and experiment by adding our manufactured stone to different areas of your home to see what it would look like.  Don’t like how it looks?  Try another area or a different profile or color.

Currently you can use four of our Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone profiles in select colors to visualize your future home.  If the available profiles or colors are not exactly what you want on your home, you will still be able to have a good idea of where you want the stone and what it will look like.  We have also made available a number of other products that you can experiment with to help you visualize your final project.  Some of the other products available are stucco, siding, doors and windows.  As you use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer you will see what an amazing tool it is.  Lets see how it works.

As you go through the process when you are using the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer, follow the Guided Tutorial within the program.  Following are the steps that the Guided Tutorial will take you through.





Start by uploading your own photo.












Once you have uploaded the photo of your house you need to Set the Project to Scale.


Tell us how large the subject of the picture is in real life.

Click on a corner of a wall or door on the project to start drawing a measuring line.  Draw the measuring line to another corner of the same wall or door and click to end the line.

Next you will input the true length of this line to set the project to scale.





My New Exterior!




Draw surfaces and features on the picture using the masking tools.  Apply our manufactured stone to these areas in the “visualize” task.


The Guided Tutorial in the Visualizer will walk you through the process



The buttons on the left of your screen let you add surfaces to your photo.  Click “SIDING” to start adding a wall.

  • Surface Outline Starting Point – click anywhere on your picture to define the starting point of the surface outline where you want to apply manufactured stone.


Instructions will appear in this area.  Follow them to draw a wall with four points.  At this point, don’t worry if it’s not an exact outline, you will have an opportunity to make adjustments in following steps.


The buttons at this step will allow you to adjust the outline.


At this point you may also wish to define an additional area to add our manufactured stone or other products more areas on the picture.  Follow the proceeding steps above to add a new area before clicking on “Visualize.”


Ready to Design!


It’s time to add product to the wall!  Click “VISUALIZE” to move to the next step



Select the wall that you just outlined by clicking it (It will light up when your mouse moves over it)



At this point you will be able to see the manufactured stone that you can apply to your wall.  You can keep making selections from this list until you find the profile and color you desire.

Each time you make a selection (Cut Fieldstone for example), a list of available colors will appear.  Once you select a color by clicking on it, the selection will be applied to the area you’ve selected in the picture.

When the stone has been applied, you may click the area on the picture a second time to see the product details or to remove the product.

At this step the options of products to be applied are a selection of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone as well as some other siding products such as stucco and siding products.

Currently the Kodiak Mountain Stone profiles and colors available in the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer are:

  • Cut Fieldstone
    • Colors: Granite, Quarry and Almond Buff
  • Frontier Ledge
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Colorado Rundle, Glacier, Walnut and Wheat
  • Ready Stack
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Chardonnay, Colorado Rundle, Glacier, Walnut and Mahogany
  • Southern Hackett
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Apache and Granite

*Although the digitized versions of these manufactured stone profiles and colors are as accurate as possible, visit our showrooms to view the actual profiles and colors before making your final selection.

Our Showrooms are located at:


At this point you may select other products and/or colors to see your different options.

In these pictures you can see that a new area has been defined and stucco (another stone profile in the last photo) has been applied to compare with the existing siding. This is your opportunity to experiment and dream.



Congratulations!  You’ve just learned how to mask an area and apply Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone or other products to it.  Now click “Save & Review.”




At this point you can

  1. View your Before & After pictures
  2. Save to a personalized account
  3. Share on Facebook – tag us! @KodiakMtnStone
  4. Share on Twitter – tag us! @KodiakMTN_Stone
  5. Share on Pinterest – follow us!
  6. Print your photo
  7. Email your photo – Send us a copy too

You now have a picture of your home re-imaged!  Your dream is now visualized!





















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Features & Benefits of Manufactured Stone Veneer vs. Natural Stone

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By: Casey-lee Wilson

Kodiak Mountain Stone®





Natural Stone is a natural product whose individual properties are determined by:

  • The types of minerals comprised in the natural stone, which helps to determine the color.

  • The amount of compression that occurred when the stone was formed, which dictates whether the stone is an open faced material or a dense tightly packed “Hard Stone”

  • Heat generated during formation which can change the structure of a stone into a marble, which can almost be translucent.

Natural Stone is an outstanding building material


Manufactured Stone Veneer is fabricated by using a lightweight concrete mix to with different styles of molds and coloring processes which makes it resemble real stone.


Some things to factor into your decision, when deciding which product is best suited to your project includes:

  • Price Point

  • Installation Time

  • Weight

  • Final Appearance


Natural stone is both practical and durable and is available in almost any shape or form.

  • As a natural building material, natural stone contains no pollutants that are damaging to the health

  • It can be used safely in food areas. It is incombustible and is a Class A building material

  • Natural Stone ages well

  • It can also be cleaned easily and cheaply

  • The lifetime of natural stone, is extremely long

  • Natural stone is durable


Manufactured Stone Veneer is used as a decorative covering for exterior or interior horizontal walls and surfaces. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot, so that no additional structural supports will be required. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone

  • Manufactured stone will remain consistent in its color and shape


  • Your home or business will look great without depleting or eroding the environment

  • Mass produced stone is generally less expensive

  • Remarkably lighter and much less awkward to work with, it is specifically designed to arrange easily and stick in place permanently


Manufactured Stone Veneer > Natural Stone

  • Manufactured Stone is a much lighter in weight in comparison

  • Natural Stone is typically a more expensive cost upfront

  • Natural Stone may require the area to be reinforced, to hold the weight

  • It is easier to customize a piece from manufactured stone, than natural stone. With natural stone, the more customized you go, the higher the price

  • Manufactured Stone is made to look real, however it is also made to look consistent

  • Manufactured Stone is a simpler stone to work with, especially on a DIY Project, you can easily install the stone yourself.

  • Manufactured Stone offers a wide variety of profiles and colors


Visit one of our showrooms in Lethbridge AB or Calgary AB to find out more about the manufactured stone veneer and natural stone that we have to offer.

In Utah, you can also visit us in Springville.

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RhinoRock Concrete Fencing Installation

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Elegant — Affordable — Secure — Durable


DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT….concrete fencing is now affordable. RhinoRock can meet all of your fencing needs whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.  Now you don’t have to settle for constant plastic or wood fencing repairs!   A Rhinorock patented concrete clad wall is produced with  a unique manufacturing process that makes the  fencing panel 90% lighter than a traditional heavy concrete fence.

Our light weight (concrete/foam) construction doesn’t sacrifice performance because it is manufactured with a high performance fiber reinforced concrete clad outer shell with a  foam core.  Concrete is the only material that can duplicate the realistic beauty of stone and provide the weatheribility  that contractors demand.  See our specifications page for more info on it’s  construction and our Frequent Questions page has additional information.


RhinoRock-Concrete-Fence-Kodiak-Mountain-Stone-Lethbridge-Calgary-018 RhinoRock-Concrete-Fence-Kodiak-Mountain-Stone-Lethbridge-Calgary-020





Installation video for RhinoRock Concrete Fencing


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How is the light weight fencing panel constructed?
Answer:  The RhinoRock fence panel has an outer shell constructed of a high performance concrete that is heavily fiber reinforced.   In fact, enough fiber to fill a 55 gallon drum half full.  The interior of the fence panel is a typical EPS foam core.  The fiber reinforced concrete shell is just under 3/8″ thick.   The heavy fiber reinforcing in the concrete combined with the foam core makes the fence panel impact resistant, strong, and light weight.

Question:  How long and tall is the fencing panel?
Answer: The center of column to center of column is 9 feet and the panel is 6′ tall.

Question:  Are shorter panels available?
Answer:  The panels can be easily cut to any dimension shorter than 6′ tall.

Question:  Are panels taller than 6′ available?
Answer:  Currently the panel is only made in 6′ tall in the RhinoRock automated facility.  In the event that a 7′ or 8′ tall fence is desired the fence system can be attached to a 1′ or 2′ tall poured in place grade beam supplied by a local contractor.   This is more economical because you don’t have to ship taller panels, but the grade beam can be poured by a local contractor.

Question:  What kind of footing is used for the fence?
Answer:  Most installations will use a 14″ diameter pier footing 36″ deep spaced at 9′ centers. See   specifications page for a drawing detail.

Question:  What is the wind rating of the fence?
Answer: The RhinoRock fence panel has been tested and can withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph.   However, when the fence length exceeds 250′ without any corners, then the rating is reduced to 120 mph.   This testing was for the actual fencing panel, but not for the footing.  In high wind areas the footing must be designed by a local engineer.

Question:  Will freezing temperatures cause damage to the fence?
Answer:  No, extensive freeze thaw testing has shown that it is freeze thaw resistant because it utilizes a high performance concrete.  Unlike plastic or wood it is much more durable in regards to extreme temperatures.

Question:  Will the surface fade in the sun?
Answer:  No, since the shell is made of concrete it is totally UV stable.

Question:  Can the fence retain soil?
Answer:  Less than 12″ is recommended.

Question:  What is the natural color of the fence?
Answer:  The panels are a natural concrete grey, but the fence can be color stained after the fence is installed with a product that is specifically made for staining concrete.

Question:  How much does the fencing panel weight?
Answer: 230 lbs.

Question:  Can the fence be installed if the property is already landscaped?
Answer: Yes, since the panels are light weight they can be hand carried into the property.   However, it requires less labor to have the fence installed prior to any landscaping and therefore the installation is less expensive.

Question:  Can the fence be installed on ground that is sloping?
Answer:  Yes, as long as the grade doesn’t change more than 12″ every foot.   In some cases you can go up steeper slopes but will require using custom sized panels.

Question:  How is the column cap attached to the column?
Answer: The cap has a steel tab that is cast into the bottom of the cap that is embedded into the concrete grout cell in the column. The steel tab makes it so that cap cannot be removed.   This is unique to our system.

Question:  Can the fence be installed by the Do-It-Yourselfer?
Answer:  For the best installation it is recommended to be installed by a trained RhinoRock installer.  Since the fencing system is covered by two patents the installers must have written permission.

Question:  Will the fence stop weeds from coming from neighbor’s property?
Answer:  Typically if the bottom of the fence panel is installed more than 3″ below the landscaping then weeds will typically not grow under fence.

Question:  Can the fence support the weight of someone climbing on it?
Answer:  Yes, the fence panel is strong enough to support the weight of 10 men.

Question:  Can the fence be damaged by normal backyard activities?
Answer:   After three years of backyard installations, we have had no reports of the fence being damaged by backyard activity.   However, large riding lawn mowers can damage the fence on direct impact.   But in most cases damages can be repaired easily.

Question:  Can the fence be repaired if damaged?
Answer: Yes, since the material is made out of concrete, small damage less than 6″ in diameter can be repaired with a simple mortar patch.  In the event of damage caused by vehicles or large equipment, two men can replace a panel in about an hour.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Kodiak Mountain Stone

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6 Things You Need to Know About Kodiak Mountain Stone

By: Terry Henrie
Admin. Manager

Kodiak Mountain Stone

1.  We care that our customers find the right product for their project. We have a strong product with many different profiles and colors to match any project.   We have excellent staff in our stores and plant that can help our customers find the right style and color to match their project.  We care that our customers are happy with the product and feel they received value for their dollars spent. We have been making our own manufactured stone veneer for almost ten years and have perfected the process.  Our plant staff have streamlined the process to ensure a quality product.  Our Plant Operations Manager enjoys experimenting with new colors so we can provide our customers with a great variety of choices.  We know how awesome your project looks with our product on it!


2.  Kodiak Mountain Stone is passionate about education within and without our company on multiple levels.  First, when we have an employee who is going to school we will adjust their work schedule to accommodate their school schedule.  Second, each employee is given 30 minutes each day to read and learn more about our products, industry and other self-improvement books.  Thirdly, we have gone a step further and in conjunction with several high schools (Victoria Park and the Holy Spirit School Division in Lethbridge, Alberta),  we have provided information sessions to their students on the ‘rock’ business, how to install our products, and the masonry vocation.   Knowledge is power and if we can help others improve themselves, isn’t that what life is all about.


3.  We have two retail outlet stores with incredible displays of products, the Lethbridge Store (2620 2 Ave N) and the Calgary Store (5432 56 Ave SE).  Our little secret is that in our Lethbridge store we have Jeff “Red” Redford who has been with us almost since the beginning. He started work as a demolder, taking stone out of the molds at our very first plant in Cardston.  He went on to work in our Lethbridge warehouse organizing inventory and getting orders out to customers.  Now he works full time in our Lethbridge store and shares his knowledge with each customer that comes in.  He is our own little secret weapon.  If other staff have a question, we call him. He not only works in the store he also is our Operations Manager, managing all our Canada inventory and logistics.


4.  We have a great website which we are continuously updating and improving. .  You can find a list of locations to buy our products.  We offer our own Kodiak Mountain Stone line of artificial stone, several other manufactured stone product lines, Natural Stone from quarries all across CAN and USA, Brick, Acrylic Stucco, Light Weight Concrete Fencing and other support products you will need to help you do the install.    You can find an Installation Guide too so you can DIY,  Don’t forget that knowledge is power.


5.  We have a huge gallery of pictures on our website to show examples of how prestigious your project can look like when finished.  We have organized the gallery by product to make it easier to find what you want.  We encourage our customers to provide us a picture of their project to show off their glamorous project whether it be the exterior of their house, their fence, a fireplace inside or out, a feature wall or adding a bit of stone around their Jacuzzi to spruce it up.  You will also see a link to our Client Galleries and see what specific projects that masons and home builders have done.  This might help you decide who to talk to for your project.


6.  You don’t have to come into our various locations to buy our stone. You can live anywhere in the world and buy our stone.   We have shipped our stone all across Canada, USA and even as far away as Guam.  We encourage our customers to see the actual stone before buying as the colors on the picture can vary depending on how you are viewing them.  We will discuss with you a way to send you samples of the stone you are interested in.


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Touch Up Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Question from distributor/customer:

Good morning ,

I just had a gentleman come in and he has a few pieces of Ready Stack that were chipped by the contractor when he installed it. We were just wondering if there is any Touch up Kits or a Paint that we can provide him with so he can make the stones match up.


Our Response:

In our manufacturing process of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer, we actually dye the product throughout rather than just applying color to the face of the stone.  The advantage of this is that if a stone is accidentally chipped, the interior color of the stone will blend in with the exterior colors.  However, if any of the aggregate is exposed you may wish to have that area covered.  Our suggestion with this is to use a small amount of colored mortar on the chipped area.  You can contact Kodiak Mountain Stone at 1-877-563-4252 to inquire about purchasing the appropriate dye to add to the mortar to match the color of your manufactured stone.


The above technique may be used when cutting stone on the cut edge.  But we encourage installers to bury the cut edge in the transitions and/or hide them with mortar when grouting.


We always suggest to contact us directly with any issues before attempting your repair



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How Do I Install My Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Veneer?*

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We often have customers who are the do-it-yourself type or are at least considering taking on the task of installing their own Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer on their project.  We have an Installation Guide on our website that we keep up to date and try to always improve.  Recently we added instructional videos that have been very helpful to many people.  But after having the installation conversations a number of times with customers today I decided to include it in a blog that we could easily share.


Kodiak Mountain Stone Installation Instructions*


 How Much Stone Will You Need?

Corners (Ordered by the Linear Foot)

  • Determine how many linear feet of 90 degree outside corners you have on the project

Flats (Ordered by the Square Foot)

  • Measure the width and height of the area to be covered in stone and convert it to square feet (width x height = square footage)
  • Figure the square footage of any windows, doors or other areas that will not have stone and subtract that amount from the first figure.
  • Determine the total linear footage of corners that you previously calculated.  Divide that number by two (2) and subtract that amount from the total square footage of flats.
    • Example:
      • Corner linear footage = 20 LF
      • Flat square footage = 100 SF
      • Doors and Windows = 20 SF
      • Flats (100 SF) – Doors and Windows (20 SF) = 80 SF
      • Corners Linear Footage (20 LF) / 2 = 10 SF to be subtracted from total square footage to accommodate corners
      • Total Square Footage Needed 80 SF – 10 SF = 70 SF of flats plus 20 LF of corners
  • We strongly suggest purchasing between 5 – 10% more product than you have calculated


Materials You Will Need


Over Masonry

For installing Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer over existing masonry (brick, block, stucco, or concrete)

Note: concrete must be in sound condition, clean, not painted or sealed, free from oil, dust and dirt

Mortar:  Used to set stones, and to grout the mortar joint between stones.  We typically sell the premix mortar in our stores but you can use premixed masonry mortar or masonry cement and sand.

Masonry Cement: Mix 1 part masonry cement (Type N or Type S) with 2 1/4 parts masonry sand and potable water.

Premix Mortar: Check with the manufacturer to determine if their product is suitable for installation of manufactured stone.

Bonding Agent:  Latex brush-on or integral bonding agent recommended for this application.

Masonry Sealer:  Use a breathable type, non-film forming sealer, which is available from our Calgary and Lethbridge stores.  It is recommended by some experts feel that any dry stack applications (mortarless joint) should always be sealed.



Over Framing

For installation of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer over framing (wood or metal) with sheathing (plywood, OSB, rigid insulations, gypsum, wall board, concrete board, fiber board)


Water Resistive Barrier:  Used to prevent moisture from penetrating the exterior wall.

Always check with and follow local building codes for your area.  We suggest two separate layers of tar paper (ASTM D226 no. 15 type 1).

Metal Lath:  Used to hold mortar when forming a mortar scratch coat.  Use a minimum of 2.5 lbs self-furring corrosion resistant metal lath .  For metal buildings or open studs, use a galvanized, rib expanded metal lath.  (minimum 3.4 lb/yd2).  Check your local building codes for other acceptable lath or miss.

Fasteners:  Used to attach lath to the framing members to support the stone system.   Use corrosion resistant fasteners (ASTM C 1063) capable of penetrating wood studs 1″ or metal studs 3/8″.

Mortar: Used to make a mortar scratch coat, to set stones, and to grout the mortar  joint between stones.  You may use premixed masonry mortar, masonry cement and sand, or portland cement,lime and sand.


NOTE:  For new construction exterior applications, ensure that all penetrations (doors, windows, etc) are properly flashed and sealed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.



The following video was recorded at our Calgary, Alberta showroom and demonstrates the steps necessary for surface preparation


Stone Application

Setting Stones in Mortar:


  • Completely cover the back of the stone with mortar, at least 1/2 inch thick, and press the stone firmly into the scratch coat to ensure a good bond.  Press hard enough to squeeze out some of the mortar around the edges of the stone.  Make sure you have complete coverage between the mortar bed and the surface of the stone.
  • Corner pieces should be installed first.  Alternate the long and short legs of the corner pieces in opposite directions.
  • After the corner pieces have been installed, apply flat pieces starting at the outside working toward the center of the wall.
  • Cutting and Trimming:  There are a number of methods used to cut, trim and shape stone.  Our suggestion is to use a circular saw with a masonry blade.  When cutting and trimming, ensure you take all safety precautions.  Broken stones should be used to fit into applicable spaces and to fill in gaps.  For the most attractive finished appearance, coat with mortar any cut or broken edges.  Also, try to place cut edges so they are not easily visible.
  • Grouting Joints:  In applications where a mortar joint is used, fill in the joints with a mortar bag, taking care to avoid getting mortar on the stones’ surface.  Joints should be 1/2″ to get the most natural look.  Any accidental smears can be removed with a whisk broom after the mortar is crumbly.  Do not try to remove smears while the mortar is still wet.  Never use a wet brush, wire brush, acid or acid-based products to clean the stone.
  • Finishing Joints:  Proper jointing gives your project an appealing and professional finish.  Before finishing, allow mortar joints to become firm (30-60 minutes, but may vary), then point them up with a jointing tool.  Weather conditions and the type of surface both influence drying time.
  • Brush Joints:  Remove excess mortar and then firmly compress and seal the edges around the stones.  Brush stones and joints with a dry whisk broom to finish and clean the project.
  • Mortarless (Dry Stack) Applications:  In dry stack applications where no mortar joints are used, it is often suggested to add a bonding agent to the mortar mix.  Install from the bottom up and keep joints as level as possible.  Avoid having vertical joints lining up together.
  • Cleaning and Sealing:  Clean Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer products with a soft bristle brush and water.  If stained with mineral deposits or efflorescence, stone may be cleaned with diluted household vinegar solution (7 parts water, 1 part vinegar).  Rinse thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.  Do not use wire brushes or acid to clean Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer.  Seal your Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer products with a breathable, non-filming masonry sealer.  Dry-stacked applications are encouraged to be sealed or any products in harsh environments.


The following video demonstrates the installation process for Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer, brick, thin brick veneer and block.



Clearance Information


On exterior stud walls, weep screeds and other base flashings should be held a minimum of 4″ above grade or a minimum of 2″ above paved surfaces such as driveways, patios, etc.  This minimum can be reduced to 1/2″ if the paved surface is a walking surface supported by the same foundation supporting the wall.


On exterior stud walls where Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer continues down a concrete or CMU foundation wall, and where a weep screed is incorporated into the wall-to-foundation transition, at the bottom maintain minimum 2″ clearance from grade, or 1/2″ clearance from a paved surface.


On exterior stud walls where Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer continues down a concrete or CMU foundation wall, with WRB and lath installed won the weep screed at bottom, maintain minimum 4″ clearance from grade, or 2″ clearance from paved surfaces.


Where Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer is applied over an exterior concrete or CMU wall, maintain 2″ clearance from grade or 1/2″ from paved surfaces.


Over an exterior concrete or CMU wall that is not enclosing conditioned space (e.g. landscape walls, pillars, columns, etc.) maintain minimum 2″ clearance from grade or 1/2″ from paved surface.



  • Packaging quantities vary, contact our stores or call us at 877-563-4252 for information on specific products
  • Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer meets or substantially exceeds the minimum physical requirements specified by the ICC_ES AC51.  View this information at
  • Always use proper safety precautions
  • We recommend you blend stones from different boxes throughout your installation area.  Variations are inherent in all manufactured stone and concrete products.  Questions regarding suitability and/or acceptability must be resolved before installation.  Use constitutes acceptance.  We suggest looking at an actual sample prior to making your final selection.



*a lot of the information in this blog was shared with us by our friends at Veneerstone.  Check out our stores in Calgary & Lethbridge Alberta to see our Veneerstone samples

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Featured Product: Master Wall ReCote – Acrylic Textured Coating

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Master Wall Inc. is an excellent company to work with as a supplier of our Quality Stucco, Coatings and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) for residential and commercial projects.  One thing that Master Wall does very well is to educate both their suppliers and our customers on their many different products.


Today we are posting information supplied by Master Wall on their product, ReCote:


“Master Wall® ReCote™ is an acrylic textured coating specifically formulated for direct application to masonry, concrete and tilt-up concrete panels.    ReCote™ is specifically designed for application with texture spray equipment but may also be applied with a brush or roller.


ReCote™ is available in all standard Master Wall® colors and dries to a beautiful lightly textured flat finish.  For lighter colors apply over Master Wall® Primecoat Primer or use two coats of ReCote™.”


ReCote™ Application Video
This is another set of back to basics videos. ReCote™ is our lightly textured brick coating. Another popular use is the application over concrete tilt wall construction. Our first video shows the application over a flat surface. The second is a variation where you can lightly texture the ReCote™.

Read more on Master Wall’s site here:



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How Do I Clean Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Products?

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In an article, “New Rules for Cleaning Contemporary Masonry Buildings,” by Gary Henry (Prosoco), outlines the proper steps to be taken to clean masonry products.

In the article Gary writes about “The New Rules”


1. Know Your Surface

“Concrete brick and simulated stone often look like clay brick and natural stone – that’s the idea.  While these various masonry materials often are created to look similar, each has widely different tolerances for cleaner strength and pressure washer psi.”


2. Always Test Before Overall Cleaning

“Always test, and always clean under the same conditions in which you tested.”


3. Use the Mildest Cleaner and Dilution That Still Gives Effective Results

“Because concrete masonry has some of the same components as the mortar films and smears that have to be removed, cleaners for concrete masonry are gentler than those for clay.  The best concrete and manufactured stone cleaners are precisely balanced — just strong enough to dissolve films and mortar smears that aren’t fully hardened, yet safe enough to do so without harming the masonry.”


4. Clean Early and Quickly

This is a problem we have seen time and again.  After the job is completed the person doing the installation doesn’t get around to cleaning off the smears for too long.  Then when he goes to clean up the job it is too late and he can’t get the stone clean.

Don’t give mortar smears and films time to become as hard as the stone itself — remove it while you can still work with it.  With our manufactured stone you can clean it within three to seven days.  If you are working with small, individual areas that you need to remove small amounts of smears, you may be able to work with it sooner than that.


5. Use the Right Cleaner for the Right Job

Our suggestion is to use a mixture of water in vinegar to clean our manufactured stone.  Some testing may be required but our guideline as rules 3 and 4 state above is (3) Use the mildest cleaner and dilution that still gives effective results, and (4) clean early and quickly.  You can also talk to one of our experts Contact Us Here for suggestions on mixing ratios.


6. Never Clean with Raw Acid

We advise not to use any acids on our manufactured stone products.  Many people ask us about using muriatic acid to clean the stone after installation and our answer is, “no.”


Mr Henry also continues by outlining the basic rules that apply to cleaning masonry:

Don’t Spare the Water

He says, “lots of water is one of the secrets of to a great masonry clean down.”   By pre-wetting the masonry the pores of the stone are filled with water and the cleaner will only work on the surface of the stone.  Additional water should be used to rinse and dissolve the excess mortar and dirt.

Clean Bottom to Top, Keeping Lower Areas Wet

“Unlike many other types of cleaning, masonry clean down begins at the bottom and works up, making it easier to keep lower parts of the walls wet.  Keeping the walls wet stops rundown from penetrating into them.”

Follow All Safety Precautions in the Product Literature

This should be common sense and isn’t as applicable with a diluted water and vinegar solution, but it is obviously something that can’t be ignored.


For more information and to read Mr. Henry’s article, “New Rules for Cleaning Contemporary Masonry Buildings,” visit

He also goes on to discuss cleaning in colder weather conditions and offers great knowledge.

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Why Does Stucco Crack?

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The American Plywood Association (APA) recently shared this interesting video concerning the proper spacing of plywood and OSB panels.  In the video they demonstrate how much a panel can buckle when there isn’t proper spacing between the panels.


“APA recommends a 1/8-inch space between panel edge and end joints. Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB), like all wood products, will expand or shrink slightly with changes in moisture content. If the wood structural panels are tightly butted, there is no room for expansion and buckling can occur. That can mean costly, time-consuming callbacks.” — from



In the video they mention that when a panel buckles, the siding materials, roof shingles or floor coverings buckle with it.  When we think about this with stucco applications, we can understand why stucco would crack with the slightest seasonal movement when the wood underneath is butted tightly together.  “So make sure when you are working with plywood or OSB to space all joints 1/8″.”

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Interior or Exterior Stone?

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Question: Is this manufactured stone, natural stone and brick just for exterior use, or can we use it for interior projects too?

This past week we had the Kodiak Mountain Stone booth set up at the Calgary Home and Garden Show in Calgary, Alberta.  Whether people were looking at our manufactured stone, our natural stone, our brick or our acrylic stucco, the same recurring question came up time and again.  “Can this ___________ (fill in the blank with stone, brick or stucco) be used inside our house, or is it just for the outside?”

Yes it can!  All of our products can and are used on both exterior and interior projects.  Inside, our stone and brick are often used on fireplaces, feature walls and back splashes.

Manufactured Stone & Natural Stone:

Winter Pearl Frontier Ledge Kodiak Mountain Stone bathroom Lethbridge Calgary A2

Our stone products are used on interior projects frequently.  One item to take into consideration when you are deciding between manufactured stone and natural stone on an interior project is the weight of the stone

itself.  Manufactured stone will typically weight between 10-12 lbs.  Natural stone veneer may be double that weight or more.  With either product it is a good idea to plan the project out with the help of an engineer.  With manufactured stone you shouldn’t have any problems or issues with the added weight on a wall or fireplace.  However, when it comes to natural stone on interior applications you need to pay a little more attention to the weight of the project.  Depending on the amount of natural stone you will be using, you will need to ensure that the supporting structures are properly reinforced.

Cherokee Brick Portsmouth Kodiak Mountain Stone Calgary LethbridgeBrick

Brick is also commonly used on inside projects.  A common trend that we are seeing is the use of thin brick veneer on feature walls, fireplaces, etc.  The brick that we supply can be cut into thin brick slices for such projects.  These brick can be cut for both the flat surfaces as well as for corner pieces.  Our staff at either of our stores in Calgary or Lethbridge can help you out and show you how this works, or you can contact us for more information at 877-563-4252.



Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic Stucco is a little different from brick and stone in it’s use as an interior product.  Not many people would turn to a stucco product for inside, but it has actually been a trend we have seen growing more and more in the past couple of years.  We have some acrylic stucco products that have become very popular for flooring, specifically garage flooring.  We have also developed some smooth finishes that are being used on interior walls.


When you are building or renovating your options are endless.  Don’t limit yourself to the status quo.  Just because you see something that you think may be an exterior product doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to add that special touch on the inside too.

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Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

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Question: What are the differences between the natural stone and the manufactured stone products that Kodiak Mountain Stone offers?

Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

Kodiak Mountain Stone, Juniper Ridge Natural Stone fireplace

Kodiak Mountain Stone Manufactured Stone Fireplace


Both natural stone and manufactured stone are used to create lasting, beautiful projects.  Kodiak Mountain Stone has a great selection of each and our staff can assist in helping make a decision.  In the end, personal tase and preference may be the deciding factor in choosing natural vs. manufactured stone, but there are a few things to take into consideration when making your choice:




Manufactured Stone 

  1. Cost: In most cases, manufactured stone costs less than natural stone to purchase and install.  With the manufactured stone products that Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies, they are typically very similar in price from one profile to the next.
  2. Weight: Manufactured stone weighs less than natural stone (approx. 10-12 lbs per square foot).  This provides an advantage in the ease and cost of installation.
  3. Easy to Install: Manufactured stone is man-made and thus is designed for the ease of installation.
  4. Coloring: Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone is colored all the way throughout the stone. This means if a stone is damaged or chipped, the coloring on the inside of the stone will match what is seen on the exterior of the stone.

Natural Stone

Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies natural stone that is available in full-set or veneer.  Our most popular natural stone styles that we sell are the veneered stones.  Natural stone veneer is real stone that is either collected (i.e. fieldstone) or is quarried and the stone is then cut to a consistent thickness for use as a veneer.

  1. Strength: Natural stone is strong and durable.  There is a misconception that all natural stone can be used in all climates.  Like manufactured stone, some natural stone products (i.e. certain sandstones) need testing done to ensure they will stand up to the climate they are being used in.  With our stores in Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta we know our customers will face harsh weather conditions.  Natural stone that we sell at Kodiak Mountain Stone will stand up to these conditions
  2. Selection: Kodiak Mountain Stone offers a variety of natural stone products that are brought in from quarries all throughout North America.  Our selection of natural stone is very good and growing all of the time.
  3. Price: Natural stone prices vary due to many factors.  At Kodiak Mountain Stone we have many natural stone profiles that are close to the same pricing as manufactured stone.  However, natural stone typically costs more than manufactured stone, both for product and installation.

Whether you are looking for manufactured or natural stone, Kodiak Mountain Stone will have what you are looking for.  We will help you to find the right product for an elegant, authentic and durable final project that you will be proud of.  There are additional pros and cons to each product beyond what is listed here.  Our intent is to help you become more informed in making a choice.  Please comment and share any knowledge that you may have that would help our customers in making their decision.

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How do I install Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone? Can I do it myself, or do I need a professional?

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Question: I am planning on putting Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone on the exterior of my house and on my fireplace.  How is it installed?  Can I do it myself?

Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone can be installed by a professional mason or the do-it-yourself (DIY) home owner.  Properly installing our manufactured stone products is the most important part of ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful project.  There are definite advantages of using a professional mason and we would be happy to try to help you find one if you wish.  But if you want to instal your stone on your own, we are here to help.

Visit our website at if you would like to download our Installation Guide in .pdf format.

Estimating Material Needed:

Whether you are putting stone on your fireplace, a feature wall or on the exterior of your home, the first step is to estimate the amount of stone that you will need for the job.

  1. Measure the square footage of the area to be covered with your Kodiak Mountain Stone veneer.  For example, the surface you are covering may be 12 feet long at the base and 12 feet high.  You would calculate this as 12 x 12 = 144 square feet (SF).  The stone used on these surfaces are referred to as “flats.”  The flats are on the flat surface of the project while the other option is “corners” which obviously are used on the corners of the project (they come in 90 degree pieces)
  2. Next you would determine the area of any large openings such as windows and doors where the stone is not going to be applied.  When you calculate this square footage, subtract it from the square footage you calculated in step 1.
  3. The next step is to determine the amount of corner pieces that you will need.  Our stone comes with 90 degree corners in all of our styles (Some of our natural stone products do not have 90 degree corners).  While our flats are measured in square footage, corners are measured in linear feet.  So to determine the amount you need for corners, measure the linear footage of the corners you will be putting stone around.  For example, if you are going around two different corners and they are each four feet tall, you would need eight linear feet of corners (2 corners x 4′ = 8 linear feet)
  4. Because the corner pieces do cover some of the area that we have previously measured for the square footage of flats, for each linear foot of corners subtract 1/2 foot off of the total square footage of flats you previously calculated.  In our example, if you need 8 linear feet of corner pieces, subtract 4 square feet of the needed flats calculated in steps 1 & 2.
  5. When installing your manufactured stone there will be times that you need to cut and fit the stone.  At times there may even be some broken stones that come in the boxes.  During shipping some breakage may occur.  These stones can be used when cutting and fitting is needed.  For this reason plus the possibility of errors in measuring, we suggest when you order your stone you order about 10% more than you anticipate needing.

Tools Needed:

Many of the tools you will need to instal your stone are available from us at our stores in Calgary and Lethbridge AB.  If you do not live near either of these locations they should be available at your local hardware stores.  The tools you will need may include:

  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Grinder &/or saw, complete with masonry cutting blade
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust Mask
  • Grout Bag
  • Soft Bristled Brush
  • 1 3/4 Roofing Nails
  • Tin Snips
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Hoe
  • Masonry Trowel
  • Hawk
  • Spacers or shims
  • Hammer Tacker complete with staples
  • Stiff Bristle Brush

Preparing the Surface

We have a very informative surface preparation video online at the following link: Preparing Surface for Stone

  1. Moisture Barrier
  • The moisture barrier is an extremely important part of the installation.  Without a proper moisture barrier you can run into significant problems down the road.  This is one area of concern with not having a professional installing your Kodiak Mountain Stone products.  If you ensure you follow the provided guidelines, you won’t have a problem. Please watch the video above to learn more about surface preparation.
  • If you are installing your stone over wallboard, paneling, plywood, or other rigid wood related sheathing, it is necessary to cover the wall surface with a moisture barrier.  In most cases, building codes are satisfied by using two (2) layers of tar paper or two-ply 60 minute grade D paper.  Make sure to check your local building code requirements. Be sure that the sheets overlap from the bottom up.  Overlap two inches on the horizontal seems and six inches on the vertical seams.  Flashing, weep screed, and appropriate drainage means are required at stoppage points of stone veneer and at any places of potential penetration.
  • When stone is to be installed over clean brick, block, cement board or other masonry surfaces, no moisture barrier is necessary.
  • Check your local building codes for required flashing specifics and to ensure these instructions meet specific moisture barrier requirements.
  1. Wire Lath
  • Directly over the moisture barrier, cover the area with a wire lath.  We recommend using at least a 2.5 lbs (1.71 kg) diamond mesh expanded wire lath meeting the requirements of ASTM C 847.  Overlap lath sides and ends no less than one inch.  Be sure that lath is attached with the small cups pointing upward.  Attach the lath using galvanized nails or staples every 6 inches on center vertically, and 16 on center horizontally, ensuring to penetrate studs.  Use staples or fasten any loose areas between the studs.  Use tin snips to cut the lath.
  • With corners, ensure that the lath is tightly folded.  Never have a seam on the corner.  Nail the lath on both faces of the corner

Mixing  Mortars

For detailed instructions on mixing your mortar from scratch, please visit our installation guide online at  If mixing your own mortar, ensure that all ingredients comply with, and are mixed to meet ASTM standards and/or local building codes.

You will have three different applications of mortar: The Scratch Coat, Mortar, and Grout

At our stores in Lethbridge and Calgary we sell a pre-mix mortar that just requires adding water and mixing thoroughly.  Mortars and mixtures can vary, so please follow the directions on the bags of mortar that you purchase.  The bags of mortar will also indicate the coverage amount of each bag.

Scratch Coat

  • Cover the entire wire lath with an even layer of mortar with a cement trowel.
  • While the cement is still wet, gently scrape it with a fine bristled brush or hair pick.  The resulting grooves rough up the scratch coat, which creates a better bond when the stone is applied.  Brush gentle enough that no mortar is removed from the wall.
  • Let the scratch coat dry sufficiently.  Depending on temperature, humidity, airflow, mix, etc this can take 8 to 24 hours.

Applying the Stone

  • Before applying stone, ensure that proper measures are taken to divert water runoff away from the stone.  Excess run-off and splashing can, over time, stain the stone.  
  • Mix a batch of mortar according to the instructions in our guide or on the bag of mortar mix
  • Using a trowel, apply a 1/2″ layer of mortar on the back of the individual stones.  Press the stone firmly into the scratch coat to ensure a good bond.  Press hard enough to squeeze out a little mortar around the edges of the stone.  Make sure you have complete coverage between the mortar bed and the surface of the stone.
  • The corner pieces should be installed first alternating the long and short ends of the corner pieces in opposite directions.
  • Next apply the flat pieces by starting at the outer edges and working towards the center of the wall.
  • Cutting & Trimming: You may use nippers, the edge of your trowel, or a circular saw with a masonry blade to cut and shape the stone.  If necessary, broken stones can be trimmed and shaped to fill in any gaps.  Avoid having any cut edges of the stone visible.
  • Grouting Joints: When a mortar joint is to be used, fill in the joints with a mortar bag, taking care to avoid getting mortar on the stones’ surface.  Joints should be 1/2″ to get the most natural look.  Any accidental smears can be removed with a whisk broom after the mortar is crumbly.  Never use a wet brush, wire brush, acid or acid-based product to clean the stone.
  • Finishing Joints: Proper jointing gives your project an appealing and professional finish.  Allow mortar joints to become firm (approx. 30-60 min), then point them up with a jointing tool.
  • Brush Joints: Remove excess mortar then firmly compress and seal the edges around the stones.  Brush stones and joints with a dry whisk broom to finish and clean your project.
  • Dry Stack (Mortarless) Application: In dry stack application where no mortar joints are used, a bonding agent may be added to the mortar mix for better bonding.  It is also recommended to use a breathable (non-film-forming) sealer.  (no gloss, low gloss and high gloss sealers are available).  Install dry stack stone from the bottom up and keep joints as level as possible.

Cleaning and Sealing

Clean Kodiak Mountain Stone products with a soft bristle brush and water.  If stained with mineral deposits or efflorescence, stone may be cleaned with a diluted household vinegar solution (7 parts water, 1 part vinegar).  Rinse thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.  Do not use wire brushes or acid to clean Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone.  Contact our office at 1-877-563-4252 or visit one of our stores or one of our dealers to explore our various sealing options.

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Can I use PL-400 to Install Stone?

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I am going to use Kodiak Mountain Stone Frontier Ledge Nebo My question is; Can I use a strong construction adhesive, like PL400 or Gorilla Glue, to install the stone veneer?



It is recommended to always use a Mortar and Mesh combination as set out in the Kodiak Mountain Stone Installation instructions.  Local codes will mandate what product or combination is required in various jurisdictions.  Some things to remember is the ICC (International Code Council) sets their benchmarks for application of products and when products like Kodiak Mountain Stone Veneer has been tested within these benchmarks; the Code Council issues sets its codes based on the application and use of these products.  There is also waterproofing to take into account and installing stone with PL or any adhesive to a surface does not create a water barrier.

Something to remember about adhesives; is that they are a chemical and naturally different issues arise such as off-gasing; smell; freeze-thaw degeneration cycles all are considerations.  Kodiak Mountain Stone encourages users to follow our installation guide and to always check local building codes.


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