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Brick Product Knowledge

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Brick – Product Knowledge

A brick’s color has a lot to do with the region that the brick is made in and the color of the clay found in that region.  The color of clay can be either left alone as seen in many commercial buildings looks, or the look of the front of the brick can be changed by adding a Portland cement mixture of an additional color.  This face color is called a “slurry”.

Some common brick terminology:

  • Bond: a pattern in which brick is laid. (a half bond, or a third bond)
  • Stretcher: a brick laid horizontally, flat with the long side of the brick exposed on the outer face of a wall.
  • Header: a brick laid flat with the short end of the brick exposed.
  • Soldier: a brick laid vertically with the narrow (“stretcher”) side exposed.
  • Sailor: a brick laid vertically with the broad side exposed.
  • Rowlock or Bull Header[1]: a brick laid on the long, narrow side with the small or “header” side exposed.
  • Shiner: a brick laid on the long narrow side with the broad side exposed





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