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6 Things You Need to Know About Kodiak Mountain Stone

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6 Things You Need to Know About Kodiak Mountain Stone

By: Terry Henrie
Admin. Manager

Kodiak Mountain Stone

1.  We care that our customers find the right product for their project. We have a strong product with many different profiles and colors to match any project.   We have excellent staff in our stores and plant that can help our customers find the right style and color to match their project.  We care that our customers are happy with the product and feel they received value for their dollars spent. We have been making our own manufactured stone veneer for almost ten years and have perfected the process.  Our plant staff have streamlined the process to ensure a quality product.  Our Plant Operations Manager enjoys experimenting with new colors so we can provide our customers with a great variety of choices.  We know how awesome your project looks with our product on it!


2.  Kodiak Mountain Stone is passionate about education within and without our company on multiple levels.  First, when we have an employee who is going to school we will adjust their work schedule to accommodate their school schedule.  Second, each employee is given 30 minutes each day to read and learn more about our products, industry and other self-improvement books.  Thirdly, we have gone a step further and in conjunction with several high schools (Victoria Park and the Holy Spirit School Division in Lethbridge, Alberta),  we have provided information sessions to their students on the ‘rock’ business, how to install our products, and the masonry vocation.   Knowledge is power and if we can help others improve themselves, isn’t that what life is all about.


3.  We have two retail outlet stores with incredible displays of products, the Lethbridge Store (2620 2 Ave N) and the Calgary Store (5432 56 Ave SE).  Our little secret is that in our Lethbridge store we have Jeff “Red” Redford who has been with us almost since the beginning. He started work as a demolder, taking stone out of the molds at our very first plant in Cardston.  He went on to work in our Lethbridge warehouse organizing inventory and getting orders out to customers.  Now he works full time in our Lethbridge store and shares his knowledge with each customer that comes in.  He is our own little secret weapon.  If other staff have a question, we call him. He not only works in the store he also is our Operations Manager, managing all our Canada inventory and logistics.


4.  We have a great website which we are continuously updating and improving. .  You can find a list of locations to buy our products.  We offer our own Kodiak Mountain Stone line of artificial stone, several other manufactured stone product lines, Natural Stone from quarries all across CAN and USA, Brick, Acrylic Stucco, Light Weight Concrete Fencing and other support products you will need to help you do the install.    You can find an Installation Guide too so you can DIY,  Don’t forget that knowledge is power.


5.  We have a huge gallery of pictures on our website to show examples of how prestigious your project can look like when finished.  We have organized the gallery by product to make it easier to find what you want.  We encourage our customers to provide us a picture of their project to show off their glamorous project whether it be the exterior of their house, their fence, a fireplace inside or out, a feature wall or adding a bit of stone around their Jacuzzi to spruce it up.  You will also see a link to our Client Galleries and see what specific projects that masons and home builders have done.  This might help you decide who to talk to for your project.


6.  You don’t have to come into our various locations to buy our stone. You can live anywhere in the world and buy our stone.   We have shipped our stone all across Canada, USA and even as far away as Guam.  We encourage our customers to see the actual stone before buying as the colors on the picture can vary depending on how you are viewing them.  We will discuss with you a way to send you samples of the stone you are interested in.



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