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How to Find Fun, Creativity When Cleaning and Decluttering

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Cleaning the house is one of many chores in a to-do list, often the one you dread and put off as long as possible.  If you are one of the few that finds innate joy in scrubbing toilets and folding endless loads of laundry, then count yourself lucky.  For the rest of us, it feels like it requires superhuman power and motivation. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a lackluster chore, however.  You don’t need an expert to come in to organize and clean your home. With a few tips and shortcuts, it can even be fun!


The Game of Life: Cleaning Edition


In the same way that children are more likely to participate in activities that seem fun, adults can benefit from the same approach.  There are several ways to turn cleaning and decluttering into a fun and competitive activity for the whole family to participate in.  Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes at a time and challenge your family members to a decluttering race.  See who can get rid of the most items in the set time, or race to see who can tidy up the biggest area.  The winner gets to pick dessert or a favorite evening activity. Decluttering small sections in short stints will help the time pass quickly, and the accomplishment of one area will motivate you to continue around the rest of your house.


Creative Storage Solutions


While decluttering, it is helpful to reassess storage solutions to make the most of the space you have.  Make Space has many clever storage hacks that work with your space, no matter the size.  Try hanging pegs on the back of you closet door to store your shoes and free up the floor space, or you can create functional storage under your bed with a rolling trundle.  Whatever size your space is, you can be creative and make it work best for you.  Sometimes it’s as easy as repurposing an item in your home, like hanging an old rake on the wall to store all of your necklaces.  In addition to being budget-friendly, it can be fun to challenge yourself to use what you already have in your home.


Kill Two Birds with One Stone


Another great cleaning perk is that you are burning calories in the process.  According to Livestrong, you can even burn calories washing dishes.  Of course, the number of calories varies per person and is dependent on the type and duration of the cleaning.  Often it can be difficult to find the time to exercise, but this is a great example of multi-tasking – getting your heart rate up scrubbing baseboards or loading heavy books from a bookshelf into donation boxes.  Not only can your physical health benefit from cleaning your home, but your mental health benefits as well.  Decluttering your space leads to reduced stress and even encourages healthy habits in other areas of your life.


Daily Maintenance Habits


Once you have achieved a clean and organized space, you now have the challenge to keep it that way.  The best way to keep a decluttered house is to develop new daily habits.  Get in the habit of putting things away immediately after use, rather than discarding things temporarily on a counter or table.  Clean the kitchen while you are cooking, rather than saving the clean up until after a meal. Create a family nightly routine of taking 10-15 minutes to walk around and tidy up all the rooms as quickly as possible.  It may even be helpful to create a weekly cleaning schedule to spread out the tasks, ensuring they are done regularly.


You can have fun cleaning and decluttering, and even burn some calories to boot.  The trick is thinking outside the box with your approach, and incorporating creative storage solutions. Plus, if you take a few minutes each day to clean and tidy, you can winnow down the work.  With these fun and easy tips, you will be enjoying a clean and stress-free home in no time.

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