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Lethbridge Home and Garden Show 2018

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Join Kodiak Mountain Stone at the 2018 Lethbridge Home and Garden Show!

March 21-24, 2018


March 21 – Wednesday – 1 to 8 pm

March 22 – Thursday – 1 to 8 pm

March 23 – Friday – 1 to 8 pm

March 24 – Saturday – 10 to 5 pm




  • $7.00 per person
  • Under 10 Free



  • $5.00 per vehicle




While visiting our booth, ask about our Proximity Marketing:



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Proximity Marketing – Innovative Technology, Unlimited Leads, Wherever You Are

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Have you ever wished you could tell everyone near you all about your product or service? Well now you can!

Kodiak GeoGemz make marketing in your proximity, SIMPLE!

With this new Proximity Marketing technology we can now help our masons and home builders grow their businesses. The best advertising is on the job site. That is where the end user sees the quality of work as the job progresses.


What is Proximity Marketing?

Our Kodiak GeoGemz are small wireless devices that broadcast your individualized promotional message to: Every Nearby Android Smartphone!

  1. Set a Promo Message
  2. Place & Activate the Gem
  3. Notify Nearby Customers

Order Your Kodiak GeoGemz


Who Should Use Kodiak GeoGemz?

The easy answer is that Kodiak GeoGemz are beneficial for anyone in business! But there are some specific opportunities closely related to our current industry!










Masonry Companies

The best testimonial for a mason to gain more clients is for the clients to see their work. So of course every project is an opportunity to gain new business. As future clients pass by the job site and think about their upcoming project, your Kodiak GeoGem will share your information with them, including any promotions, if you wish.


Home Builders

The Kodiak GeoGemz help the home builders share their information with future clients as they pass by job sites. They are also great tools for their sales team and their show homes. Each show home equipped with Kodiak GeoGemz will inform and attract more traffic. As the sales team travels throughout the city they’re able to share information about their company and their show homes with everyone nearby.


Who Else?

It’s endless who in our industry could benefit from the Kodiak GeoGemz Proximity Marketing:

  • Sub Contractors,
  • Renovation Contractors,
  • Real Estate Agents,
  • Designers,
  • Architects,
  • Distributors of Kodiak Mountain Stone products, and more!


Order Your Kodiak GeoGemz Here!


Don’t hesitate, customers are waiting…

For more information visit the Kodiak GeoGemz site or contact Jeff: or 801-830-3858












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