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Planning Your Renovation

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The secret to a successful home renovation lies in the careful planning and understanding of what you are wanting to achieve. In many cases, your final specifications will be figured out with the help of your contractor, designer or architect. But the more information that you can provide to them about your vision of the renovation, the better they are able to help you bring that vision to life.


Here are a few things to consider before meeting with your renovation contractor:


  • Do you have a clear vision of the changes you want to make in your home? What is the purpose of your renovation?
  • What are the specific goals of your renovation project?
  • Do you anticipate future changes in your life that could affect what you need in your home?
  • What are the must-haves and what are the nice-to-haves in the vision you have for your renovation?

Once you have spent the time planning through the vision of your renovation you will be in a better position to describe and discuss your ideas with your contractor, designer or architect. What you put into the planning before the renovation begins will make a real difference in the success of your project and your ability to keep within your budget.


For more ideas and tips to help you plan your renovation refer to the resources available through Renomark HERE


In the planning stages of your renovation the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer is a powerful tool to help you see what your project will look like. The Visualizer allows you to upload photos of your project and see what it will look like with different changes made.


Use the following video tutorial to help you understand how to use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer.

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The Use of Polymer Modified Mortar for Tight-fit/Dry Stacked Stone Veneer Installation

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REGARDING: The use of Polymner Modified Mortar for tight-fit/dry stacked veneer installation


TO: All Kodiak Mountain Stone Dealers, Installers, and Users:


We believe quality stone demands quality installation. Mortar has changed. We ask that you all stress the importance of using Polymer Modified Mortar for tight-figt/dry stacked stone veneer installation. These new Polymer Modified Mortars are more workable, and they bond better.


Type N or Type S mortar should not be used for installing tight-fit/drystacked installations. Polymer Modified Mortar should be used for these tight-fit/drystacked installations. Conventional Type N and Type S mortars are designed for laying up block and brick, and are not required to have high bond strength. Polymer Modified Mortars on the other hand are made specifically for bonding and provide very high bond strength. Type N and Type S mortar are adequate for installing stone applications having grouted joints because the grouted joints provide additional bond to the sides of the stones; and also because the grouted joints act as a secondary attachment. In addition, the grouted joints also seal the stone walls from water accumulation behind the stones which can cause debonding when frozen. But tight-fit/drystacked stone installations don’t have these grout joint “safety valves”.


Thanks for your continued business.

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Lethbridge Home and Garden Show 2016

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Come and join Kodiak Mountain Stone for the 2016 Home and Garden Show in Lethbridge AB.


The Home and Garden show is jointly presented by Exhibition Park and the Lethbridge Home Builders Association.

Guests to the show can find a variety of exhibitors, ranging from flooring and cabinets, to hot tubs and fireplaces, to landscapers and greenhouses, and much more. It’s the largest Home and Garden show in Southern Alberta, and the variety of products is almost endless!


2016 Dates NEW HOURS!

March 16 – Wednesday – 1 to 8 pm
March 17 – Thursday – 1 to 8 pm
March 18 – Friday – 1 to 8 pm
March 19 – Saturday – 10 to 5 pm



  • $7 per person
  • Under 10 Free Courtesy of Park Place Shopping Center


  • $5 per vehicle

Find out more about the Lethbridge Home and Garden show HERE


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