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Creative Mines – Craft Masonry Stone Veneer

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Our new Craft Masonry Stone Veneer from Creative Mines is proving to be very popular with all of our customers.  Over the past couple of months we have been excited to introduce new profiles and new colors they have been adding.


With all of the additions that Creative Mines has made, they have created two new brochures for their different lines of Craft Masonry Stone Veneer.


The first brochure is for the Craft Contemporary series. “Creative Mines Craft Contemporary profiles and colors are modern expressions for contemporary architectural aspirations and styles.”  The link below will open the full brochure.


The Craft Chop Ledge Masonry Panels are an exciting new profile! They are engineered to decrease installation time while eliminating patterns often seen in other veneer panel systems.


The Paintgrade Brick™ and Paintgrade Block™ can be painted in any shade you desire or simply installed unpainted in its neutral color.


Different stone heights create district looks.  Craft Split Modular is designed to maximize modularity and installation ease with 2.5″ and 5″ pieces boxed separately. They are often combined in a 50/50 blend, but can be ordered in any combination you desire.

There are eleven contemporary shapes with thirty-four color ways to choose from.



Craft Urban Ledge Bone



















With the Craft Timeless Masonry Veneer, there are six shapes and fourteen color ways to choose from.  The natural profiles and colors are incredible and look beautiful on both interior and exterior projects.


Click the link below to view the full brochure of the Craft Timeless Masonry Veneer from Creative Mines.























Visit one of our stores to view samples of the Creative Mines products in Calgary and Lethbridge AB.


In Calgary, find us at:

Calgary Store
5432 56 Ave SE
Calgary AB T2C 4M6
Phone: 587-952-4822



2620 2 Ave N
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 0C2
Phone: 403-388-8948



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Planning Your Renovation Project

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It is always fun to look at before and after photos of renovation projects. When we see pictures such as this we often dream of the things we would like to do to make some changes and improvements to our own houses.  There are often two questions that come to mind at this point, (1) What would my house actually look like if I were to make the changes I have been dreaming of, and (2) Can I afford the renovation I’ve been dreaming of.  I want to address how Kodiak Mountain Stone can help answer both of those questions for you.



What Would My House Actually Look Like With the Renovations I’ve Been Dreaming of?


At Kodiak Mountain Stone customers have always brought up things such as:

  • I’m having a hard time deciding where I want to put the stone on my house.
  • I wish I could tell what my house would look like with acrylic stucco.
  • Should I put stone on the entire face of the garage or just part way up the corners?


Questions and comments such as these from customers made our team at Kodiak Mountain Stone determined to find a way to help out.  The solution we’ve developed is one of the most helpful tools  you can use during a renovation or new home build.  The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer gives you the opportunity to see what your home would look like with some of our most popular profiles and colors of manufactured stone veneer added to it. Not only that, you can also see what different colors of our Master Wall Acrylic Stucco would look like, along with new windows, doors and so much more!


You simply need to take a photo of your project, upload it to the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer and follow the step-by-step instructions in the program. You’ll be able to try as many different combinations and ideas as you want. When you have something that looks good, you’ll be able to save that project and then try some other variations.  You will also be able to print your project off and share it on social media. We would love to see what you have done, tag us when you share it on social media!

Kodiak-Mountain-Stone-Visualizer-ready-to-add-manufactured-stone-veneer kodiak-mountain-stone-visualizer-002


























Can I Afford the Renovation I’ve Been Dreaming Of?


We know that many people complete their renovation projects over an extended period of time to match up with their budget.  We also know that quite often we have clients that wish they could do more, but decide to only do what they have in their budget at the moment and will complete the rest of the project at another time.


Now at Kodiak Mountain Stone we have a financing option that will allow you to do the complete project now and pay it off over time. On approved credit, we now offer financing through Crelogix which gives you affordable monthly payments with the flexibility to make lump sum payments or pay off the loan in full at any time, without penalty.

Crelogix Financing logo black - transparent


If financing is an option that you would like to explore you can talk to our staff at our stores in Lethbridge and Calgary AB for more details.




At Kodiak Mountain Stone we have a wide range of manufactured stone, natural stone, brick, thin brick veneer, acrylic stucco and light weight concrete fencing. Come by and visit one of our showrooms or find a dealer close to you to and let us help you finish your dream!


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Financing Now Available at Kodiak Mountain Stone

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is now offering financing at our Lethbridge and Calgary locations.  We have partnered with Crelogix to offer you affordable monthly payment options. Crelogix’s flexible financing options allow you to have what you want today and pay it off over time.


The application process is easy and you can repay the balance completely or with lump-sum payments at any time without penalty thanks to flexible loan terms. Crelogix also offers great loan protection options to cover you for unexpected events such as job loss or injury.


Crelogix Financing logo black - transparent



Advantages of Financing with Crelogix:


  • Pay with larger purchases with easy monthly payments
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms mean you can repay in full at any time without penalty
  • Flexible choices on loan protection to cover your future
  • Financing backed by 40 years of industry expertise
  • Quality customer service and an in-house call centre


Ask us about financing today!



*Financing is available through Crelogix on approved credit.

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