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Your Personal Home Design Studio

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Last week we introduced our new Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer.  The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer is a powerful home design tool for anyone who wants to visualize what their home would look like with our manufactured stone veneer on it.  It allows you to experiment by applying different manufactured stone profiles and colors in various places on your home.


If you are considering a facade, would it look better three feet high or four feet high?  Maybe it would look better to stone the entire face of your house.  Or maybe you want to replace all of your current siding with a combination of manufactured stone veneer and our Masterwall Acrylic Stucco.  The Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer not only lets you add stone to your home, you can add a huge variety of other siding products as well.


You can simply take a photo of your house and then begin to design…


My House: BEFORE













Following are pictures of this same house with stone and siding applied in different areas to help the home owner visualize their renovation plans.








Besides experimenting with the manufactured stone veneer profiles, you can also add other products such as stucco and log siding.




Visit our Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer HERE and try it out for yourself

Post your projects on Facebook and tag us @KodiakMtnStone


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Basketball Alberta: Adopt-An-ABPlayer — Tia Heggie #12

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Tia Heggie at the 2014 Nike Invitational Tournament in Chicago


Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to support the Basketball Alberta Adopt-An-ABPlayer program by adopting Tia Heggie of Cardston AB who plays on the U15 Girls Team.


The 2014 U15 Girls Alberta Provincial team has competed in a tournament in Regina SK and the Nike Invitational Tournament in Chicago.  Their next tournament will be the 2014 Canadian National Championships.


The 2014 U15 & U17 Men’s and Women’s National Championships will be held in Edmonton AB from July 24-31.  For more information visit their website HERE.  For those interested, ticket information can be found HERE.







The Basketball Alberta U15 Girls team is a group of talented young women from across the province, lead by a great group of coaches from Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton.




Head Coach: Claire Meadows
Assistant: Megan Pinske
Assistant: John Tramble

First Name Last Name Hometown
Amy Berryman Airdire, AB
Claire Feasby Calgary, AB
Hannah Gibb Lethbridge, AB
Tia Heggie Cardston, AB
Brittany Janzen Cochrane, AB
Makenna Legister Edmonton, AB
Brynn Masikewich Calgary, AB
Amy Mazutinec Stirling, AB
Erika Oxsengendler Calgary, AB
Larietta Walker Calgary, AB
Haily Weaver Edmonton, AB
Teyah Weir Raymond, AB
Camille Wilson Edmonton, AB
Jessica Zarowny Lethbridge, AB


Edmonton will have an exciting week of basketball action and we extend our best wishes to all players, coaches, officials, and others for a successful tournament.

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See What YOUR Home Will Look Like With Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Building a home or completing a renovation is a huge commitment.  Before any project can even be started it has to be visualized in someones mind.  When it’s completed, everyone gets to see the final results of that vision.  Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies many of the products that people see when you are done your project.  That is why those finishing touches are so important on a project.  Whether it’s our manufactured stone, natural stone, brick or acrylic stucco, we will help you Finish the Dream!

Kodiak Mountain Stone is excited to introduce the new Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer to help create that dream!




Upload your own picture and experiment by adding our manufactured stone to different areas of your home to see what it would look like.  Don’t like how it looks?  Try another area or a different profile or color.

Currently you can use four of our Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone profiles in select colors to visualize your future home.  If the available profiles or colors are not exactly what you want on your home, you will still be able to have a good idea of where you want the stone and what it will look like.  We have also made available a number of other products that you can experiment with to help you visualize your final project.  Some of the other products available are stucco, siding, doors and windows.  As you use the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer you will see what an amazing tool it is.  Lets see how it works.

As you go through the process when you are using the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer, follow the Guided Tutorial within the program.  Following are the steps that the Guided Tutorial will take you through.





Start by uploading your own photo.












Once you have uploaded the photo of your house you need to Set the Project to Scale.


Tell us how large the subject of the picture is in real life.

Click on a corner of a wall or door on the project to start drawing a measuring line.  Draw the measuring line to another corner of the same wall or door and click to end the line.

Next you will input the true length of this line to set the project to scale.





My New Exterior!




Draw surfaces and features on the picture using the masking tools.  Apply our manufactured stone to these areas in the “visualize” task.


The Guided Tutorial in the Visualizer will walk you through the process



The buttons on the left of your screen let you add surfaces to your photo.  Click “SIDING” to start adding a wall.

  • Surface Outline Starting Point – click anywhere on your picture to define the starting point of the surface outline where you want to apply manufactured stone.


Instructions will appear in this area.  Follow them to draw a wall with four points.  At this point, don’t worry if it’s not an exact outline, you will have an opportunity to make adjustments in following steps.


The buttons at this step will allow you to adjust the outline.


At this point you may also wish to define an additional area to add our manufactured stone or other products more areas on the picture.  Follow the proceeding steps above to add a new area before clicking on “Visualize.”


Ready to Design!


It’s time to add product to the wall!  Click “VISUALIZE” to move to the next step



Select the wall that you just outlined by clicking it (It will light up when your mouse moves over it)



At this point you will be able to see the manufactured stone that you can apply to your wall.  You can keep making selections from this list until you find the profile and color you desire.

Each time you make a selection (Cut Fieldstone for example), a list of available colors will appear.  Once you select a color by clicking on it, the selection will be applied to the area you’ve selected in the picture.

When the stone has been applied, you may click the area on the picture a second time to see the product details or to remove the product.

At this step the options of products to be applied are a selection of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone as well as some other siding products such as stucco and siding products.

Currently the Kodiak Mountain Stone profiles and colors available in the Kodiak Mountain Stone Visualizer are:

  • Cut Fieldstone
    • Colors: Granite, Quarry and Almond Buff
  • Frontier Ledge
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Colorado Rundle, Glacier, Walnut and Wheat
  • Ready Stack
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Chardonnay, Colorado Rundle, Glacier, Walnut and Mahogany
  • Southern Hackett
    • Colors: Almond Buff, Apache and Granite

*Although the digitized versions of these manufactured stone profiles and colors are as accurate as possible, visit our showrooms to view the actual profiles and colors before making your final selection.

Our Showrooms are located at:


At this point you may select other products and/or colors to see your different options.

In these pictures you can see that a new area has been defined and stucco (another stone profile in the last photo) has been applied to compare with the existing siding. This is your opportunity to experiment and dream.



Congratulations!  You’ve just learned how to mask an area and apply Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone or other products to it.  Now click “Save & Review.”




At this point you can

  1. View your Before & After pictures
  2. Save to a personalized account
  3. Share on Facebook – tag us! @KodiakMtnStone
  4. Share on Twitter – tag us! @KodiakMTN_Stone
  5. Share on Pinterest – follow us!
  6. Print your photo
  7. Email your photo – Send us a copy too

You now have a picture of your home re-imaged!  Your dream is now visualized!





















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Kodiak Mountain Stone adds Eldorado Stone to its Lineup in Lethbridge, Alberta!

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is excited to announce that it has added Eldorado Stone as their newest partner and will be distributing their products through their store in Lethbridge AB.




Believability Matters…

For over 40 years, Eldorado Stone has focused on creating beautiful, authentic manufactured stone veneer.  Eldorado Stone states that believability is at the very core of their company philosophy.


With Eldorado Stone’s extensive line of products we can accommodate any design or architectural style of your project.  Whether you are creating a traditional stone fireplace or a modern manufactured stone wall in your kitchen, we can help you chose the perfect stone.



By adding another high quality manufactured stone product like Eldorado Stone to our lineup at Kodiak Mountain Stone, we know that whatever the project is that you’ve been planning, we can help finish the dream!


To find out more, visit our store in Lethbridge AB at 2620 2 Ave. North.

You can also call us at 877-563-4252


Visit the Eldorado Stone website here to view the Northwestern Profiles that are available at Kodiak Mountain Stone in Lethbridge.






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