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Features & Benefits of Manufactured Stone Veneer vs. Natural Stone

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By: Casey-lee Wilson

Kodiak Mountain Stone®





Natural Stone is a natural product whose individual properties are determined by:

  • The types of minerals comprised in the natural stone, which helps to determine the color.

  • The amount of compression that occurred when the stone was formed, which dictates whether the stone is an open faced material or a dense tightly packed “Hard Stone”

  • Heat generated during formation which can change the structure of a stone into a marble, which can almost be translucent.

Natural Stone is an outstanding building material


Manufactured Stone Veneer is fabricated by using a lightweight concrete mix to with different styles of molds and coloring processes which makes it resemble real stone.


Some things to factor into your decision, when deciding which product is best suited to your project includes:

  • Price Point

  • Installation Time

  • Weight

  • Final Appearance


Natural stone is both practical and durable and is available in almost any shape or form.

  • As a natural building material, natural stone contains no pollutants that are damaging to the health

  • It can be used safely in food areas. It is incombustible and is a Class A building material

  • Natural Stone ages well

  • It can also be cleaned easily and cheaply

  • The lifetime of natural stone, is extremely long

  • Natural stone is durable


Manufactured Stone Veneer is used as a decorative covering for exterior or interior horizontal walls and surfaces. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot, so that no additional structural supports will be required. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone

  • Manufactured stone will remain consistent in its color and shape


  • Your home or business will look great without depleting or eroding the environment

  • Mass produced stone is generally less expensive

  • Remarkably lighter and much less awkward to work with, it is specifically designed to arrange easily and stick in place permanently


Manufactured Stone Veneer > Natural Stone

  • Manufactured Stone is a much lighter in weight in comparison

  • Natural Stone is typically a more expensive cost upfront

  • Natural Stone may require the area to be reinforced, to hold the weight

  • It is easier to customize a piece from manufactured stone, than natural stone. With natural stone, the more customized you go, the higher the price

  • Manufactured Stone is made to look real, however it is also made to look consistent

  • Manufactured Stone is a simpler stone to work with, especially on a DIY Project, you can easily install the stone yourself.

  • Manufactured Stone offers a wide variety of profiles and colors


Visit one of our showrooms in Lethbridge AB or Calgary AB to find out more about the manufactured stone veneer and natural stone that we have to offer.

In Utah, you can also visit us in Springville.

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Kids Running in the Rain

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Once again, Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to be a sponsor of the Cardston Kids Marathon, the largest Kids Marathon in Canada!


The big day is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18, 2014.  It’s raining and more rain is in the forecast…  But the organizers are doing whatever they can to make this year another successful event.


We’ve been following their updates at


It’s raining it’s pouring. . . . . . and even if it does let up and the sun DOES shine tomorrow (thinking positive thoughts here…), we are working on an alternate race route for the Kids Marathon tomorrow. As much as we love running to the Remington Center – it is just TOO wet down there for our finish line party – so we will be changing the race route. We will still be starting at the Cardston Elementary School – still come prepared to run in the rain, but we will run from the school to the Cardston Ice Arena. Medals, lunches, prizes, music, and water bottles will still be there! Come Celebrate with us tomorrow! We will post a map of the new race route tonight.


Follow Cardston Kids Marathon on Facebook for more updates.


Good luck to everyone involved!  We will be at the finish line handing out medals and cheering you on!

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