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Featured Product: STRIPS Series from ErthCOVERINGS

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Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to offer ErthCOVERINGS natural stone products.


Clever, Versatile and Stunning are just some of the ways to describe this line of natural stone coverings which present countless design solutions for interior and exterior surface applications.


From floors to walls we have you covered.  ErthCOVERINGS believes that the beauty and value of premium quality, precision cut natural stone can never be replicated.

We make absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality, service and innovative design for all of our natural stone wall and floor coverings.  It is our goal to deliver the best quality natural stone products available today.  At ErthCOVERINGS we are specialists in natural stone and we are passionate about what we do, it is no wonder we have earned the respect of the architectural and design community.

The exciting ErthCOVERINGS product range is a collection of slate, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, marble, basalt, granite, pebbles and glass that are all offered in a variety of cuts, styles and colors.”



The sharp lines and amazing shadow effect created by ErthCOVERINGS Strips Series will definitely catch peoples attention.  This modern yet unique design offers a look unparalleled by any other product.  This stone allows the user to think outside the box when designing the overall space, enabling as wide a spectrum of design possible.


Erthcoverings-Strips-Silver-Fox Erthcoverings-Strips-Tivoli Earthcoverings-Strips-Lavastone


Visit the Kodiak Mountain Stone website here to view more options in the ErthCOVERINGS natural stone products.

Visit the Kodiak Mountain Stone ErthCOVERINGS photo gallery here 



Stone Type – Varies

Finish – Varies

Format – Individual Pieces

Use – Interior / Exterior Walls

Thickness – 1/2″ – 1″

Weight – 10 – 11 lbs/sq.ft

Tolerance – +/- 1/8″

Resistance to Salt Attack – Nil loss after 15 cycles

Average Water Absorption – ≤ 1%

Average Mass Loss – Nil







*information taken from ErthCOVERINGS catalog

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Feature Product: Southern Hackett manufactured stone veneer from Kodiak Mountain Stone

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Kodiak Mountain Stone produces many different profiles of manufactured stone veneer for use on both interior and exterior projects.  Our manufactured stone veneer is a great product for both renovation projects as well as new construction projects both large and small.


Our feature product today is our Southern Hackett profile of our manufactured stone veneer.  Southern Hackett is a beautiful square and rectangle pattern.  Our Southern Hackett may be installed with a grout line or without a grout line (dry stacked), depending on the desired look of the final project.


We hope as you are looking for ideas for your project we can help inspire you with this featured video of our Southern Hackett manufactured stone veneer.  As you watch the video you will notice how extensive the use of this product can be.



Also visit our Southern Hackett photo gallery HERE

If you are looking for more information you can visit our website at or call us at 1-877-563-4252 (877-KODIAK-2)


You can visit our Lethbridge, Alberta store at 2620 2 Ave N.

Our Calgary, Alberta store is located at 5432 56 Ave SE

In Sprinville, Utah we are located at 399W 900N

You can locate our dealers at: Dealer Map


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Touch Up Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Question from distributor/customer:

Good morning ,

I just had a gentleman come in and he has a few pieces of Ready Stack that were chipped by the contractor when he installed it. We were just wondering if there is any Touch up Kits or a Paint that we can provide him with so he can make the stones match up.


Our Response:

In our manufacturing process of Kodiak Mountain Stone manufactured stone veneer, we actually dye the product throughout rather than just applying color to the face of the stone.  The advantage of this is that if a stone is accidentally chipped, the interior color of the stone will blend in with the exterior colors.  However, if any of the aggregate is exposed you may wish to have that area covered.  Our suggestion with this is to use a small amount of colored mortar on the chipped area.  You can contact Kodiak Mountain Stone at 1-877-563-4252 to inquire about purchasing the appropriate dye to add to the mortar to match the color of your manufactured stone.


The above technique may be used when cutting stone on the cut edge.  But we encourage installers to bury the cut edge in the transitions and/or hide them with mortar when grouting.


We always suggest to contact us directly with any issues before attempting your repair



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Canadian Home Builders Association – Lethbridge Region Quarterly Newsletter (5 edition)

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The 5th edition of the CHBA-Lethbridge Region newsletter is out and full of a lot of great information that is impacting our industry.

Read the newsletter by clicking on the following link:



Be sure to check out the Kodiak Mountain Stone ad on page 6!

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2014 Lady Cougar Classic Basketball Tournament in Cardston AB

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This weekends basketball tournament started off with some weather delays but the Cardston Lady Cougar Classic Basketball Tournament finished off strong with some great competition.  Once again, Kodiak Mountain Stone is proud to continue our support of the Cardston High School athletic program.

Cardston Lady Cougar Classic Basketball


Great talent was represented by the home town Cardston Cougars, Spruce Grove, CCH (Lethbridge), Raymond, Foothills and Centennial.  The championship game was between the Raymond Comets and Centennial from Calgary.  Raymond won the championship with a final score of 75-62.



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Feature Product: Frontier Ledge Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Today’s featured product from Kodiak Mountain Stone is our Frontier Ledge manufactured stone veneer.  Our Frontier Ledge profile is one of our most popular stone profiles that we product.  Similar to our last feature product, Ready Stack, the Frontier Ledge is a stack stone panel system.  Each stone is 4″ in height with a variety of different lengths.  As each stone is stacked together they give the final appearance of many smaller ledge stones dry-stacked together.


Our Frontier Ledge manufactured stone veneer is one of our most user friendly and easiest stone profiles to install.  The main concern with the Frontier Ledge is keeping the pattern level horizontally and not letting the vertical seems line up together.  For more information on installation, read our related blog post at: How to Install Manufactured Stone Veneer


Our Frontier Ledge manufactured stone veneer comes in a variety of colors which can be viewed at: Frontier Ledge


Whether you are putting stone on your fireplace, a feature wall or the entire exterior of you home, Frontier Ledge is a great profile for both interior and exterior jobs.  We hope that you can watch this video to gain some inspiration for your new build, renovation, or any project you are working on.



Also visit our Frontier Ledge photo gallery HERE

If you are looking for more information you can visit our website at or call us at 1-877-563-4252 (877-KODIAK-2)


You can visit our Lethbridge, Alberta store at 2620 2 Ave N.

Our Calgary, Alberta store is located at 5432 56 Ave SE

In Sprinville, Utah we are located at 399W 900N

You can locate our dealers at: Dealer Map

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