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Versatility and Warmth: The Beauty of Stone

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It is rare that beauty can come out of something that most people don’t consider as useful.  The trend in construction is cost effective but esthetically pleasing.  Both Natural and Manufactured Stone can fill both of these needs and wants with the right combination of profile and color.  Never before has there been such a broad spectrum of beautiful Stone products at a reasonable price.

Although Natural Stone is heavier than manufactured stone it is a great alternative. Many people think that Natural Stone is much heavier than the alternatives; but now with thin cut Veneer stone from suppliers such as Kodiak Mountain Stone; weights are much less than traditionally thought.  It used to be that solid full bed stone was the only thing you could install to give you a natural look; but with advances in stone technology; Natural Stone has been cut thinner and thinner and can be installed in the same manor as manufactured stone with it being actual Stone.

Stone demand has gone way up for Kodiak Mountain manufactured stone as well. With the varied selection, different sectors have also jumped on board including landscaping, general construction, residences, interior decorating and of course masons. All enjoy using custom stone in a variety of ways both commercially and residentially. With the lower costs of manufactured stone, and it being more user friendly; new customers are using stone in projects never conceived of before. Basically, people can find the stone that fits their particular need and style.

In choosing Kodiak Mountain Stone; we have innovative materials, coloring pigments and concrete that is molded and manufactured to make it look real and natural. Only people with an intimate knowledge of stone work and a great eye for detail can tell the subtle differences between natural and Kodiak Mountain Stone; which creates more of an appeal with prices being significantly less. Our stone also allows us to use technology; incorporating things like longer durability, stain resistance than some natural stone. The actual molding process is inspired by nature; which makes Kodiak Mountain Stone look so real.


Stone: Ready Stack  Color: Alpine    

Kodiak Mountain Stone produces a high quality Manufactured Stone and has a working relationship with many quarries throughout North America and we can make your next fireplace or exterior project look amazing with a broad range of stone colors and styles to fit your taste or your budget.  Feel free to contact us online at

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