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Manufactured Stone Versus Natural Stone

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Since necessity is the mother of invention; manufactured stone has to thank natural stone for its’ inception. Due to the weight and expense of natural stone there was a need for an alternative to it which resulted in people figuring out that for half the price and a third the weight a similar looking product could be man made and mass produced.

Many customers have a difficult time figuring which product they want and it is a tough decision for your project but there are many factors involved including time, budget and long term benefits. Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies both products and definitely has the right product for your next project.


Natural Stone is an Outstanding Building Material

Natural Stone is both practical and durable, and can be produced in almost any shape or form. But unlike comparable products, stone will age like the things around us but never date. A suitable natural stone is available for virtually any requirement imposed on a building material.

Stone is quarried in large blocks and cut to the desired size in a factory usually adjacent to the quarry. The size of the natural stone slabs is limited only by the size of the rough blocks and not by standard dimensions specified by production. The sizes can be adapted individually to meet planning requirements. Any desired shape can be provided, not only square or rectangular slabs. Modern processing machines allow inlay work in natural stone. The variety of the stone and the individual processing and design possibilities constitute the uniqueness of the building material.
Interesting light and shade effects can be created by milling grooves and flutings in the stone surfaces. Such processed slabs radiate strength and solidity when mounted on a facade. Solid components like mouldings, frames and pillars ad permanence to any structure.

Natural stone has very good thermal conductivity and a large heat storage capacity. Natural stone as facade material absorbs the heat radiated by the sun and prevents unwanted heating up of the building.
Natural stone as a building material is found naturally in virtually finished form. No energy is needed for its actual manufacture

  • As a natural building material natural stone contains no pollutants that are damaging to the health.
  • Natural stone can be used safely in food areas. It is incombustible and is a Class A building material
  • Natural Stone ages well; whereas many building materials become unsightly in the course of the years,
  • Natural stone can also be cleaned easily and cheaply
  • The lifetime of natural stone is extremely long
  • Natural stone is attractively priced; if you compare it to man-produced materials over longevity it is priced very well
  • Natural stone is durable

Kodiak Mountain Stone can show you our lines of Natural Stone and point you in the right direction or finding the right stone for your project. We feature Slimrock and other Natural products that can enhance your next project.


Manufactured Stone Is a Great Alternative

Architectural stone, also known as “man-made stone” or “manufactured stone,” is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to naturally occurring stone for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Architectural stone provides the same authentic look as natural stone, but because it can be mass produced, it does so regardless of nature’s supply.
  • Consistency; color and appearance will remain consistent without randomness of Natural Stone

Environmental Sensitivity

  • Your home or business will look great without depleting or eroding the environment.

Price Point

  • Mass produced architectural stone is generally less expensive than natural stone, which has to be hand-picked one rock at a time with consistent quality.


  • Remarkably lighter and much less awkward than natural stone, architectural stone is specifically designed to arrange easily, and stick in place permanently.


The true benefits of either product are only realized through the final product and what you prefer. Costs, installation time and weight all have to be factors as well as the final appearance. Whatever your choice; both products have their advantages to your project and Kodiak Mountain Stone has availability and selection to help fulfill your needs.

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Vote for Kodiak Mountain Stone

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Vote for Kodiak Mountain Stone.

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Vote for Kodiak Mountain Stone

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