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Ideas & Suggestions

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Ideas & Suggestions

Did you know Kodiak Mountain Stone is a great Product for Interior Use?

Stone has always been an attractive finishing touch to any project and is becoming very popular on all sizes of projects. With the growing popularity; manufactured stone has become increasingly more attractive as well due to weight, finish and overall price.   Manufactured Stone has been a popular alternative for exteriors for decades but there is a growing trend towards Manufactured Stone and Kodiak Mountain Stone products on interiors for both home and commercial applications.

Fireplaces have always been an interior focal point in any home with stone but moreover other projects are evolving and  using Kodiak products. Kodiak Mountain Stone can give your interiors more warmth and durability with a sense of style in any kitchen, bathroom, wine cellar or even feature walls. Kitchens are the heart of any home and the nature of a kitchen can be captured through stone in modern or contemporary styles. There is a durability and a sense of belonging if the right stone is chosen for a kitchen and can tie that kitchen to nature.  Wouldn’t your island stand the test of time(if not your kids shoes) if surrounded by a beautiful stack stone?

Bathrooms with shower enclosures accented with stone are another way of warming up a dreary space or even a small stone wall to accent your tub. Stone back-splashes are simple yet functional and don’t interfere with the faucets or other features yet increase the value of your home or project.

Many times designers pick stone to enhance an otherwise drab boring wall and make it a feature in your home. Kodiak Mountain Stone will bring vibrance to a wall or area through contrast. An accent wall will change a room or an area and make it more appealing and in many cases increase the value of a home.

By replicating natural stone in many surroundings is a great way to add value, durability and elegance to an otherwise boring area in an inexpensive professional way. Please check out our website at for other suggestions or galleries of ideas for your special space.

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